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What I’ll Miss About “Glee”

The series finale of Glee is tomorrow night and I’m going to miss it. When the show started 6 seasons ago, it was a massive success. The story of a group of kids, who felt like outcasts and misfits find a sense of community and belonging with each other in the glee club. That premise combined with the comedy and the fun musical numbers made the show very popular. And I, like a lot of America, ate it up. I even went to one of their concerts, which was amazingly fun by the way! Over the years, while still a hit, it started to lose viewers. I even have friends who were all about it in the beginning and then started to lose interest. I’ll admit, there were phases of the show that weren’t as good as others, but I decided to stick with the show purely for the music. After Cory Monteith’s death, I wondered how the show would go on and decided I needed to keep watching because the show had one more season and I wanted to see how it would all end.

Here are a few things I’ll miss about the show:

1. The music – The main draw, for me anyway, is the music. I love all the covers – both current radio hits and oldies. I pretty much always love their versions and it’s always way more fun to have songs that you know the words to than to watch a show with all new songs that you can’t sing along with.

2. The mashups – The mashups on Glee are always so creative. I have no idea how musicians/producers come up with how to make two completely different songs work together, but they do and it’s amazing! The show has had many awesome mashups, but the first one I remember hearing on the show and still one of my favorites is the one they did in the first season of “It’s My Life” and “Confessions Part II”

3. The storylines – Some of the storylines will tug at your heart strings and some are just plain ridiculous, but that’s what makes it funny because it’s so absurd.

4. Lea Michele/Rachel Berry – Some viewers found Lea Michele’s character, Rachel, annoying because she was so driven and obsessed with perfection, but I personally love her. She has a dream and won’t let anybody tell her otherwise. Not to mention, she has serious talent! I remember seeing her on Jimmy Fallon one time a few years ago and she said she always loved singing and wanted to be a performer. Once when she was little and had these big, Broadway dreams, her father said to her in all seriousness that he didn’t know how to break it to her but she just couldn’t sing. I find it hilarious that her father truly didn’t think she had real talent and she’s actually one of the most talented singers we currently have today!

Here’s a duet with her and her real life BFF, Jonathan Groff, who has guest starred on the show as Jesse St. James. This duet is from last week’s episode and reminds me of their awesomeness.

I agree it’s time to say goodbye to the show while it can go out on a high note. I’ll miss that hour of escaping reality through stories that are realistic and some that are incredibly unrealistic all set to songs I can sing to….and then continue singing to in my car when I get the songs. I’m sure there are a lot of other little things that I’ll miss about the show, but the beauty of this show is that there’s always the music to go back to.

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  • Whitney

    I really liked this shown when it first started and will catch up on it in moments when I’m really bored and have nothing else to watch. Like you, the best part is the music for me. Their mashups are almost always a win. They post clips of a lot of the covers on their Youtube channel, so I can listen to the covers without watching the episode.

    I think the reason this show started failing was Monteith’s death (after he died, I was so broken up I couldn’t watch it for a while. I was in tears during his tribute episode) and their lack of ability to develop the cast. They kept bringing more people into the cast and having it in both NY and Lima spread the cast way too thin for us to keep caring about everyone, since they couldn’t develop the characters well enough. It also meant less screen time for characters we liked watching (Santana for me for sure).

    • lifeaccordingtojamie

      I definitely agree that they spread the cast too thin and it was hard to develop storylines when there was so much going on and with too many people! Ahh the tribute episode was sooo sad and the character of Finn definitely held the cast together. I’m really wondering how they’ll tie everything up and what the ending will be for all the characters!

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