Review: Almay Shadow Softies

You may remember back in January when I hauled these two little Almay Shadow Softies. I finally got around to really try them out recently. What did I think of them? Keep reading to find out!



The shades I bought were “Creme Brulee” and “Lilac”. In the pan, they look like soft, pigmented shadows. But unfortunately, they did not live up to my expectations.


Behold, my swatch photo! You may have to strain your eyes to see the swatches on my arm and I really, really rubbed my finger in those shadows to try to get a swatch. You can just barely see the Lilac shade on my arm. Now, I’m all for eyeshadows that can just give a wash of color on the lids as I’m a big fan of the more natural look,Β but when I have to work really hard to achieve just a simple wash of color then that’s a problem. It’s unfortunate that these shadows weren’t better performing because I am trying to get more into single shades and these little packages are really cute.

Have any of you tried these before and had better luck? If so, I’d love to hear your tips for use/application because I’d hate for these to go to waste!

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