Reverse Accent Nails

Normally an accent nail in a manicure involves one nail that has a design, glitter, a gem, or something that makes it a little more fancy than the other nails. Well, for this nail look I decided to do the reverse. I used a glitter polish on all my nails except my ring fingers. First, I painted all my nails, except my ring fingers, with Essie’s  “All Access Pass” and then topped it off with Sally Hansen’s “Grape Shifter”. On my ring fingers, I used “Bamboo White” from the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Nails Inc. It has white in the name, but it’s really a very pale pink, which worked perfectly with the blue toned purple of “All Access Pass” and the purple and pink toned glitter from “Grape Shifter”.

Reverse Accent Nails
Reverse Accent Nails 1
Reverse Accent Nails 2
Sally Hansen - Grape Shifter
Reverse Accent Nails 3

This glitter polish is amazing and the brush is so wide and thick that just one coat easily coated my entire nail with even glitter coverage. When does that ever happen? I really love the way this manicure turned out! I will definitely be doing this again.

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  1. Ooh I have a couple of Essie shades similar to this, think I need to get my hands on that sally Hansen topcoat now, love the combo together 😍

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    1. It’s probably the best glitter polish/top coat I’ve ever used!

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  2. Vivian Tran says:

    I recently tried the sally Hansen Insta-dri polish for my Gatsby nails and it was awesome! Love it

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    1. The brush is perfect!


  3. Wow this mani really pops!!

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