Apoterra Exfoliating Soap

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Apoterra Exfoliating Soap

Back in March, I got a bar of exfoliating soap by Apoterra in my Aster Market Box. Since we’re finally into spring, I really wanted to give this soap a try to exfoliate my skin and get rid of that winter skin.

Apoterra Exfoliating Soap
Apoterra Exfoliating Soap 1

This soap is made with pumice stone harvested from ancient volcanic beds. It claims to scrub away dead skin cells, get rid of stubborn oils and dirt, and will gently remove calluses. The soap is hand crafted in small batches, which I think is what gives it that hand cut shape.

The soap is really nice and has just the faintest scent. I actually wish the scent was stronger because it smells like a spa! It’s rare that you actually wish a product had a stronger smell! I haven’t been using this daily, because the one downside to a bar soap to use on your body is that it takes longer to lather up than a body wash on my loofah. So, on weekdays when I’m up early for work, it takes me a little too long to use this soap on my body so I’ve been using it only on the weekends.

Overall, I really like this soap and I’m definitely interested in seeing what else the skincare apothecary has to offer!

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