Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt

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Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt

I love the look of pencil skirts, but I don’t wear them often because I don’t always find them to be the most practical work style staple. Why? Because I’m walking around, standing, sitting, standing, sitting, walking some more, all day long as a teacher so I need to be comfortable. While most skirts can be comfortable, pencil skirts aren’t always because they are more constricting. This plush jersey pencil skirt is more constricting than most because it goes down to my calves so movement is seriously limited! What made up for this little issue was that the skirt is made out of the softest jersey material ever. Ever. It feels soft and smooth like cashmere, but not. It reminds me of a super smooth fleece material, if that sounds appealing at all.

Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt
Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt 1
Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt 2
Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt 3
Plush Jersey Pencil Skirt 4

Camisole: Kohl’s | Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory | Skirt: Express | Boots: DSW

The softness of this skirt made up for my limited movement in it. It was doable as long as I took short steps – a small price to pay for this cute skirt! This skirt is high-waisted, which you all know is not my favorite, but I find this skirt to have a very slimming effect so it wasn’t so bad.

Overall, it’s obviously not the most practical if you need to do a lot of walking, but if you have a job where you can spend most of your day seated, then I highly recommend a long pencil skirt!

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