• Femme Fatale Press-On Nails


    Femme Fatal Press-On Nails

    It seems like everyone these days are on the press-on nails train since they can’t go to their nail salons for their appointments. I haven’t gotten a manicure at a nail salon in years. Not that I’m opposed to them, but it’s just not something I make time for or budget for. It’s just not that important to me personally. However, I do enjoy the gel strip nails or press-on nails every once in a while for a fancy nail look. It’s been a few months since I’ve done either though because my nails were in pretty bad shape for a while there. They were constantly breaking from even the…

  • Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails


    Kiss – Press On Nails

    It’s been a few years since I’ve had my nails professionally done. It’s a mix of not having time and not wanting to spend the money. So I have been painting my own nails for a while. However, if you’ve been following me for a while then you know my nail art skills have lots of room for improvement. So when I got a box of goodies sent to me from Influenster and Kiss, I was excited to see 2 packs of press-on-nails included. I was never one to get my nails done regularly at the salon but there was a stretch of time when I’d go a few times…

  • Essie - A Cut Above + Eternal Optimist


    Fall Transition Nails: A Cut Above + Eternal Optimist

    I did my nails last night while watching Dirty Dancing and I loved the colors so much I thought I’d share! I painted my nails with Essie’s “Eternal Optimist” which is a beautiful pink rose color. On my ring fingers I topped “Eternal Optimist” with “A Cut Above”, a pretty rosy pink glitter, for accent nails. I think these colors are the perfect fall transition nail colors. They are rosier and more muted than the fun, bright summer colors, but aren’t your typical dark winter colors. The perfect in-between shades! Essie polishes never disappoint me and I’m seriously loving these colors!

  • Nails - Silver Rose


    Nails: Silver Roses

    It’s been a while since I’ve used my Flash Tattoo nail tattoos so when I was deciding what to do with my nails the other day I decided to do something with those. I wanted to paint my nails a nice, light, springy color since it’s officially spring, at least calendar wise if not weather wise, and because it’s Easter weekend. I decided to go with Essie’s “Perfect Posture”, a nice light periwinkle blue color. I thought a silver Flash Tattoo tattoo would look great against the shade and I went with silver roses on my ring fingers. The combination of the silver and periwinkle is perfect and the roses…

  • Christmas Ruffian nails


    Christmas Ruffian Nails

    Merry Christmas Eve! I can’t believe Christmas is actually here. It seems to have really crept up out of nowhere this year. My family and I are actually celebrating Christmas today because we’re flying out tomorrow morning for a family trip. I have a few posts scheduled to go up while I’m away and I will be starting some travel diary posts later on in the week while I’m gone. But, to see what I’m up to you can always check out my Instagram particularly my stories for live updates! I always try to do festive nails for Christmas and I’d been looking at ideas for a while. i wanted…

  • Fall Polka Dot Nails


    Fall Polka Dot Nails

    Last week I wanted to do something fall/Thanksgiving-y for my nails. I fully intended to try to do plaid nails using fall colors (brown, orange, red, white) but when I sat down to do my nails I really did not have the patience to try to draw straight lines on my nails. If you didn’t know, drawing straight lines on your nails is no easy task! So at the last minute I changed my mind and painted my nails brown and then used the other colors to do a polka dot look. The polished I used: (Brown) OPI – “That’s What Friends Are Thor” (White) OPI – “Alpine Snow” (Orange)…

  • Neutral Pink Nails


    Nails: Strobe Light + Sugar Coat

    Over the weekend I wanted to do my nails and do something neutral but also a little sparkly since we’ve sort of officially entered the holiday season now. I decided to paint my nails using Wet n Wild’s “Sugar Coat” because I hadn’t used it in a long time. I also hadn’t used my Sally Hansen “Strobe Light” in a while and I thought the two polishes would go great together. Don’t mind my cuticles – I didn’t have time to take care of them before painting my nails that day! I forgot how thin “Sugar Coat” is and I had to do 3 coats to just make it that opaque…

  • Nail Polish & Flash Tattoo Decals


    Nail Look: Orange + Gold Circles

    I wanted to do something fall-ish with my nails a few days ago so I got out my light orange nail polish. I couldn’t find my brown polish (I swear I bought brown polish for a nail look last year or the year before but maybe not?) but I’ll have to buy that before Thanksgiving as I’d like to do something with brown then. In any case, I was thinking about what kind of nail design I could do and I decided to look through my Flash Tattoo nail decals since I hadn’t used them since the time I did rainbows and bows on my nails. I saw that there were…

  • Fringe Factor + Old Park Lane


    Nails: Fringe Factor

    Last month was my birthday and my best friend got me a few nail things since she knows I like to do my own nails. I haven’t gotten a professional manicure in a while, not because I don’t like them, but because I’m trying to get better at doing my own nails. Plus I have a bunch of polishes that need to be used and it doesn’t hurt that I’m saving some money by doing my own nails. She got me a cuticle set and polishes amongst other things. I’ll be talking about the cuticle set in a post of its own sometime this fall after I’ve used it a…