Maniology – Sunset Buttes

For my birthday my best friend got me a 3 month subscription to a nail stamping kit called Maniology. The first month was called Sunset Buttes and had this whole desert, cowboy theme. It came with the nail stamping plates, silicone stamper, and two polishes, and I supplemented with my own polishes. The card comes with a picture and diretions to give you an idea of something you can do – obviously you can do whatever you want. I did try to do something similar to the card with the butte and bird flying on two of my nails and then for my other nails I did cowboy boots, a cowboy on a horse, horseshoes, a cacti design, and bows.

The stamper was pretty easy to use – way better than one I had years ago from Amazon – but sometimes I couldn’t use the same design twice because it wouldn’t transfer to the stamper. Maybe because the build up of polish on the plate was too much.

It took me a little while to clean up my cuticles, but not too bad! The manicure lasted about a week before they started to chip. My next kit already arrived and it’s perfect for Halloween so I’m looking forward to trying that out soon. I’ll report back on that kit in a few weeks!

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