Maniology – Witchwork

My 2nd of 3 nail stamping kits from Maniology came a few weeks ago and I did my nails with a Halloween theme last week. If you missed my first Maniology nail stamping kit, I wrote about it (here). My best friend got me a 3 month subscription for my birthday. Box 2 was called “Witchwork”. It came with 2 stamping polishes, two stamping plates featuring designs like jack o’lanterns, witches hats, snakes, etc. It also came with a powder that when stamped over the nail polish while it’s still tacky changes the color. I attempted to use the golden color that came with my kit last time for some of the stamping designs but it ended up being too light on the metallic orange color so I had to go over it with the dark color I received this time around.

The example photo included really intricate designs that require multiple colors and a detail brush, which is way above my skill level so I kept it simple with a few designs like an evil jack o’lantern, bats, a witch’s cauldron, a hand in a jar, a monster head, and a witch’s hat.

Also, isn’t that metallic green blue so pretty? I can’t believe that the light blue shimmery powder over the dark blue/purple polish could create that! Someone please explain it to me!

I have one more nail stamping kit to show you next month!

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