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7 Design Tips to Create a Modern Contemporary Living Space

We live in a modern era, and with the help of new technologies, almost anything is possible. One of these things that we can achieve is to create a living space that reflects who we are and what we like. The design tips below will provide you with some inspiration for making your home more functional and stylish.

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1 An Open Plan Layout

The first tip is to opt for an open plan layout. It has become increasingly popular in the past years. It can be seen around in different forms: from a large dining room that connects with the kitchen and living room through sleek sliding doors or walls (that disappear into built-in storage when they are not needed), up to a loft-style apartment where one space flows seamlessly into another. The idea of having everything connected also helps you save some money on furnishing because if your home is small, you don’t need separate rooms such as a dining area or study nook. Create more functional spaces by adding hidden cabinets under beds and couches; build shelves along long walls instead of purchasing wall units; use cubes and ottomans to add storage and seating when needed.

2 Use Natural Light 

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a contemporary living space in natural light. This means that you need windows and doors on more than one side of your home – if possible, face them all towards either east or west for maximum exposure during sunrise and sunset hours. If this isn’t an option, position more oversized windows on Northern-facing walls to collect as much sunlight as possible in the winter months. The proper lighting also adds to the modern look: it needs to be bright enough but not harsh; cool white fluorescent lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice because of their energy efficiency (LEDs) and long lifespan. In addition, they come with different color shades such as bluish tone, which enhances productivity, or reddish, creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

3 Choose a Neutral Colour Palette 

Another essential element to consider when designing a modern contemporary living space is the color palette. While bold colors are still trendy, you need to feel that they might not work for your style or with the existing decor in your home, so it’s best to choose neutral shades such as beige and white because they go well with almost everything in any design scheme. This way, you can incorporate different textures (such as wood paneling) without clashing too much; you’re also free from worrying about matching furniture patterns if an unexpected guest comes over. All of which makes them perfect choices for small spaces where everything needs to work together seamlessly.

4 Invest in Modern Furniture 

The modern contemporary living room needs to have a combination of shape, size, and material to fit into current design trends. For example, instead of buying bulky sofas that take up too much space, opt for smaller pieces with sleek lines such as sectionals or chaise lounges because they are easy on the eye and more functional at the same time. Also, make sure you choose versatile furniture pieces that can serve different purposes. For example, an armchair might be perfect when watching TV, but two stools placed next to each side would work better if you need additional seating during parties. Even storage ottomans come in handy when you need some extra surface area without cluttering your home completely.

5 Take Advantage of High-Quality Materials 

Some modern contemporary living spaces are also large, so it’s best to invest in high-quality materials when decorating. For example, choose durable countertops for your kitchen or opt for hardwood flooring instead of laminate because it will last longer and wear better over time without showing every scratch. It is also essential that you consider different surfaces around your home – granite slabs can work well with most styles, but they might not go too well with old-fashioned houses. On the other hand, the marble looks great if paired up with midcentury modern designs like wooden wallpaper from this. At the same time, reclaimed wood matches perfectly contemporary style schemes.

6 Use Storage Wisely 

The modern and contemporary interior design trends emphasize the use of storage, so you need to think about it when designing your home. Make sure that there are plenty of cabinets in your kitchen and opt for open shelves instead of closed units because they allow natural light to come through; if space is tight, then consider using ottomans with hidden compartments such as ones from Nexera, which double up as extra seating or a coffee table when needed. Another great idea would be incorporating built-in closets into walls around your living room so people can hang coats, bags, and jackets without cluttering the floor – this works well in large spaces where everyone needs enough personal space during parties.

7 Add Plants For an Extra Touch of Nature

To create a modern contemporary living space, it’s essential to take advantage of all open spaces – this means using furniture arrangements and small architectural elements such as hall trees with mirrors which make a significant impact without taking up too much room. You can also add plants because they immediately transform the atmosphere around you, especially if placed in areas with less light; giant leafy ferns look great next to windows or along walls, while more miniature succulents work well on kitchen counters. Potted flowers are always a nice touch for any home, but ensure that you choose low-maintenance options to avoid dead flower heads lying around after a few weeks.

8 Minimum Display Accessories

There is no need to overdo the design because too much clutter will only make a room look smaller and less inviting – try limiting yourself with accessories such as vases, candles, picture frames, or art prints. The modern contemporary living space needs more open wall spaces, so you can take advantage of large mirrors, which work well in hallways where they reflect light from windows; the best part about these pieces of furniture is that they also add depth into small rooms without making it feel crowded. It’s always nice to opt for lamps made out of clear glass rather than anything else because they allow light from bulbs to shine through but don’t block views either.

The modern and contemporary living styles emphasize using high-quality materials, storage space, and open floor plans to make a home feel bigger.

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