How to Create a Cozy Winter Home

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Winter is a cold and barren time of year; at least outside, that is the case. However, in your home, it can be quite the opposite, and the contrast between the chilly outdoor weather and your cozy home is what makes winter extra special. Here is how to create a cozy winter home.

A portable fire 

Fires aren’t portable, right? They are now! New technologies and fuel sources have led designers to create fireplaces that are mobile. Portable fireplaces can be moved from one room to another; they have authentic flames and are excellent for keeping you cozy as well. 

How is this possible? A portable fire burns ethanol, a recycled gas that doesn’t have any fumes to worry about. While ethanol does produce some Co2, it’s considered carbon-neutral because it’s made by growing corn and sugarcane, which absorbs the same Co2.  

Some seasonal smells 

When thinking about making our homes cozy for the winter, we tend to think about the way things look; we hang wreaths on the door and light candles for advent. However, something we overlook is how the home smells. There are different ways to make your home smell seasonal

The most obvious method is to burn some seasonal candles. That’s a great idea because it brings warmth and light into the space. But, candles can be hazardous and aren’t great for the lungs. So, instead, use a natural diffuser with a seasonal scent; they also humidify the dry air.   

A modern kitchen space 

The kitchen is “the heart of the home“; it’s the first place buyers look at when they come to view a property, and there’s a reason why. Traditionally, the kitchen was the most important room in the home because it stores and prepares food. But, today, it’s also a status symbol.

To make your kitchen cozy this winter, you don’t have to tear it out and install the latest modern kitchen on the market. Instead, there are plenty of ways you can renovate your kitchen with DIY design ideas; one favorite is white kitchen cabinets that creates a seasonal feel for your home.  

Candles everywhere 

In the past, candles were used in every room of the home. Candles were used for light before there was general electricity; they were also used to warm up large chilly rooms. Nowadays, candles are ornamental, but they’re very atmospheric when it comes to the end of the year.

Candles don’t have to have a special scent for them to be effective. Even plain candles will give you the light and warmth you need to make your home cost. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce candles with scents that enhance the mood and atmosphere of your home.  

Bake, bake, bake 

Speaking of mood and atmosphere, who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked bread or seasonal cookies? The festive end of the year is an excellent time to get busy baking in the kitchen, find some tasty-sounding recipes online, and indulge your family with smells and tastes.  

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