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Things I’m Still Loving

When I was thinking of a blog post I thought it would be fun to look back on some recent items I have shared on here that I’m still seriously loving. These are items that I have either included in my monthly favorites or just wrote about loving and are items that I still love.

The items I have chosen to share today are my:

  • Blue agate coasters from Anthropologie
  • Pear shaped earrings from Amazon
  • Grande Lash lash serum
  • Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets (leather, velvet, sequin)
  • Facial steamer

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  • I wanted the agate coasters from Anthropologie for a long time and I got them during the holidays on sale. I use them every day and I still love them!
  • My pear shaped earrings from Amazon are one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases. They are so pretty and extremely comfortable to wear. My ears are sensitive and I’ve never had any issues with these earrings.
  • I’ve been use the Grande Lash serum for over a year, at least. It works so well! When I first started using it, I used it every night before bed for a solid 1-2 months and my lashes got much longer and fuller – exactly what I was looking for. Then, I was able to let up on it and now I just use it 2-3 times a week. Basically whenever I remember to use it!
  • Victoria Emerson is known for their bracelets, especially their famous beaded wrap bracelets. I actually only have 1 of their beaded wrap bracelets, but I have a few of their other wrap bracelets – leather & chain, velvet, and sequin. They are so good and easy to wear. Love them! (Linked to them all below and the green velvet one is on sale for $11.11!)
  • I still use this facial steamer from Amazon on probably a bi-weekly basis and it’s amazing. It’s nice and relaxing and feels like you’re pampering yourself at home. I love how soft my skin feels afterwards and it only takes about 10 minutes.

So those are 5 things I’m still loving today! I’ll have to do this again later in the year and revisit some other favorites!

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