Femme Fatale Press-On Nails

Femme Fatal Press-On Nails

It seems like everyone these days are on the press-on nails train since they can’t go to their nail salons for their appointments. I haven’t gotten a manicure at a nail salon in years. Not that I’m opposed to them, but it’s just not something I make time for or budget for. It’s just not that important to me personally. However, I do enjoy the gel strip nails or press-on nails every once in a while for a fancy nail look. It’s been a few months since I’ve done either though because my nails were in pretty bad shape for a while there. They were constantly breaking from even the most simple tasks.

But, I decided to try out a set that I had in my stash yesterday. This “Femme Fatal” set has matte grey, metallic silver, and crackled speck nails. They’re easy to apply and stick on. This particular brand doesn’t have a glue option, just the sticker adhesive, which I prefer. I always cut them down and file them to trim them because they’re so long and I cannot function with super long nails.

Femme Fatale Press-On NailsFemme Fatale Press-On Nails 1Femme Fatale Press-On Nails 2Femme Fatale Press-On Nails 3Femme Fatale Press-On Nails 4Femme Fatale Press-On Nails 5

I really like this set! Let’s see how long they’ll last. The package says 7 days, but with the pandemic, I’m washing my hands a ton more than usual. Plus, I wash my hair daily so I doubt they’ll last the whole week. But if I can get a few good days before they start getting loose and falling off, I’ll be happy.

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