• Femme Fatale Press-On Nails


    Femme Fatal Press-On Nails

    It seems like everyone these days are on the press-on nails train since they can’t go to their nail salons for their appointments. I haven’t gotten a manicure at a nail salon in years. Not that I’m opposed to them, but it’s just not something I make time for or budget for. It’s just not that important to me personally. However, I do enjoy the gel strip nails or press-on nails every once in a while for a fancy nail look. It’s been a few months since I’ve done either though because my nails were in pretty bad shape for a while there. They were constantly breaking from even the…

  • Kiss Nails - Fanciful


    Fanciful Press-On Nails

    Last year Kiss sent me some products including some really pretty press-on nails. Since it was around the holidays I tried out the darker, more glitzy set and I left the lighter sparkly tip set for another time. I kept putting off trying out the set until this weekend. This light pink set with silver sparkly tips is called “Fanciful” and like last time I trimmed them back significantly because they were so long! Putting them on was easy again. It’s always trial and error to see which nails will fit which fingernail best. What was difficult this time around was getting the adhesive stickies to stick properly to my…

  • Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails


    Kiss – Press On Nails

    It’s been a few years since I’ve had my nails professionally done. It’s a mix of not having time and not wanting to spend the money. So I have been painting my own nails for a while. However, if you’ve been following me for a while then you know my nail art skills have lots of room for improvement. So when I got a box of goodies sent to me from Influenster and Kiss, I was excited to see 2 packs of press-on-nails included. I was never one to get my nails done regularly at the salon but there was a stretch of time when I’d go a few times…