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Kiss – Press On Nails

It’s been a few years since I’ve had my nails professionally done. It’s a mix of not having time and not wanting to spend the money. So I have been painting my own nails for a while. However, if you’ve been following me for a while then you know my nail art skills have lots of room for improvement. So when I got a box of goodies sent to me from Influenster and Kiss, I was excited to see 2 packs of press-on-nails included.

Influenster - Gift Box

I was never one to get my nails done regularly at the salon but there was a stretch of time when I’d go a few times a year. And for a number of those years I would go for a gel manicure since they would last so much longer. But like I said, I haven’t gone in quite a while to get my nails done. The last time I got press-on or glue-on nails from the drugstore I was probably in middle school. I remember the first time I ever wore them (of only 2-3 times). I was in 5th grade and I was at a family party in Brooklyn. My older cousin and I were really bored and when we went to a convenience store we saw the nails and she bought them to put on me. With her being 9 years older than me and willing to do my nails I was ecstatic. She glued them on, painted, and decorated them with nail decals/stickers etc. I felt so cool with long nails! I’ve only worn these kinds of nails maybe 2 or 3 times total, but I know they are making a big comeback.

So I was excited to receive these two sets and over the weekend I put on the Glam Fantasy set which includes matte berry colored nails,  metallic rose gold/silver-y nails, and sparkly ones. The whole process was much easier than anticipated. I found the nails that fit each of my nails. I decided to go with the matte nails on my thumb, middle finger, and pinky. My index finger would have the mirrored/metallic nail and my ring finger would have the sparkles. Next, I found the sticky pieces (I know, I’m so good at these technical terms) that fit each nails, peeled them off the sheet, stuck them to my nails, smoothed it out, peeled off the plastic layer and then stuck the nail on. You’re supposed to press down for a few minutes. And that’s it! They just say not to wash your hands or get your hands wet for an hour after application.

Kiss - Press On NailsKiss - Glam Fantasy NailsKiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 1Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 2Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 3

Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 4Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 5

They are so pretty! However, the nails were a bit too long for me. I think I would poke my eyes out when I took my contacts out each night! So I trimmed them with a nail clipper and filed them so the tips were smooth.

Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 6Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 7Kiss - Glam Fantasy Nails 8

They are so pretty! However, the nails were a bit too long for me. I think I would poke my eyes out when I took my contacts out each night! So I trimmed them with a nail clipper and filed them so the tips were smooth as you can see through my series of photos.

I love the way they look shorter and the combination of sparkle, matte, and shiny is perfect. I’ve only had them on for 2 days so far, but so far so good. They haven’t felt like they’re about to fall off any minute. I haven’t had to do any touchups at all. The only time I felt like they might pop off is when I was trying to open a package. Normally I could press down with my nails. When I press down using my nails the pressure makes it feel like they could just pop off, so I stop and find another way to open the package.

The only thing I would do differently next time is trim the sticky part before I put the nail on top. It’s not a big deal, but every once in a while some of the glue/sticky sheet comes out from the tips and I have to pull it out and either pull til the plastic glue-y thing snaps or I have to use a nail clipper. Other than that I have no complaints! I really love these nails and I got so many compliments at work yesterday! I’m looking forward to trying out the other pair Kiss sent me and I am definitely planning to buy press-on-nails myself in the future.

Overall, I love these press-on nails. They are so fun and pretty! They’ve held up perfectly for the past few days so let’s see how long they last!

*I received these products complimentary, but all opinions are mine.*

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