Five Must-Visit American Cities (That Aren’t New York!)

There’s something strangely romantic about cities- despite the hustle and bustle, they’re often voted as the most romantic places in the world- with cities like London, Venice and Paris featuring highly. When you think about going on a city break in America, chances are it’s New York that instantly springs to mind. And while it’s an incredible city, there are plenty more worth considering that might interest you and suit your needs more. Here are some examples!


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Are you a bit of an art buff? Denver in Colorado is known for its art scene. The Santa Fe and RiNo Arts Districts offer plenty of modern, interesting art galleries and artist studios that are well worth a visit. First Friday Art Walks are held on the first Friday of every month, and enable visitors to enter many of the galleries throughout the evening. There are also stunning parks and views of the mountains if you have an interest in beautiful scenery.

The city by the ocean- Miami offers you the best of both worlds. The fun, vibrant and exciting city on one hand, and the relaxed beaches on the other. You could go shopping in the morning, and enjoy a boat rental miami beach in the evening. There are incredible botanical gardens, michelin star restaurants and fascinating museums. Miami is known as a city of culture, so there are often art events, festivals and exhibits being held throughout the year. If you want a destination that offers it all- relaxation through to excitement then Miami is one to consider.

Atlanta is known for its eclectic dining scene, fried chicken and waffles and barbeque pulled pork are two delicious additions you’re likely to see on most menus. There are incredible markets, from the fish market to the state farmers market and many more where you can explore, buy your own ingredients to cook or taste food from one of many food trucks and vendors. It’s famous for its southern charm, with friendly locals and gorgeous weather. Atlanta is the largest metropolis in the deep south, with a rich history stemming from it’s humble commerce and transportation roots in 1837.

Love immersing yourself in culture when you visit a new place? Houston is generally associated with two major things- food and diversity. More than one hundred and forty languages are spoken in Houston, with more than a third of residents in the city speaking a language other than English at home. There’s a friendly and welcoming attitude to immigrants as well as tourists. And speaking of food, Texas is of course well known for it’s Tex-Mex- something not to be missed while you’re visiting.

Nashville is considered as one of the coolest cities in the US. It’s often thought of as a “small town trapped in a big city” which can make for an interesting place for tourists to explore. It’s a hotspot for country music, meaning there’s always somewhere to listen to live. A definite must- visit for music lovers.

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