Plush Camo top
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Plush Camo Top

Camo was a popular print last year and it’s on trend again this year. I’m all for the look, in certain pieces, and while I like the print I don’t think you need 10 different pieces in it. However, I did have to have this camo top for a few reasons. 1. It is made of a plush material so it is super soft and cozy. Seriously, buttery soft! 2. It is long enough to wear with leggings and has that casual, lounge wear feel and look to it. 3. It isn’t your typical green camo print. There are swirls of pink in the print, which I love. It makes it different and the pink looks so good.

Plush Camo topPlush Camo top 1Plush Camo top 2Plush Camo top 3Plush Camo top 4Plush Camo top 5

Top: American Eagle | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Boots:Β UGG

This is the perfect weekend at home outfit or if you’re just doing low key things. I wore this on Saturday just out and about running errands. I love how soft it is and as mentioned above, I love the pink swirls in the print. It’s hard to really see them in these photos, but trust me they are more prominent in person!

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