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Book Review: Pride & Premeditation

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen and/or YA whodunnit type mystery books taking place during that type period, then you need to check out Pride & Premeditation. What initially drew me to this book when I saw it online was the beautiful cover! Then when I found out it’s a reimagining of Pride & Prejudice told as a murder mystery, I had to check it out.

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In this reimagining, Elizabeth Bennett works unofficially at her father’s office, Loungbourn & Sons, where her father is a barrister (basically a lawyer). She wishes to be a barrister too, but women in court is pretty much unheard of during this time. She works hard though and does better work than most of the people in her father’s office including the annoying Mr. Collins, a solicitor. Her father is set to leave the practice to Collins. Elizabeth wants the opportunity to work officially at the office and her father makes a deal with her that if she can prove herself by doing something such as proving a case he would consider her. Shortly after she takes on this task, she learns about the murder of Mr. Hurst. Mr. Hurst is the brother-in-law of Mr. Bingley, a prominent young man who owns Netherfield Shipping.

Mr. Bingley has been accused of the murder and Elizabeth wants to prove that he is innocent. Bingley greatly appreciates all the help Elizabeth can give him, but he has already hired his good friend Mr. Darcy to be his solicitor. Undeterred, Elizabeth gets Bingley to allow her to continue her investigation even though Darcy’s firm has been hired to represent him.

We follow Elizabeth as she gathers clues to try to clear Bingley’s name.

I really enjoyed this book and was hooked immediately. It was such an easy and quick read, but delightful and enjoyable! I only wish that there was a little more romance between Elizabeth and Darcy since that’s a big thing in the original book. There is a little bit of flirtation (and more) towards the end, but I would’ve liked more! There’s also an epilogue which I think could’ve been utilized to show more concretely their future together. However, if the author, Tirzah Price decides to branch off and write more books where Elizabeth and Darcy go off solving cases together and their relationship develops further, I’d love it!

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