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May 2019 Favorites

It’s the last day of May, if you can believe it. This week has been a quick one at work since I had Monday and Tuesday off, but it’s been very busy. Last night was prom and today I’ve got a hair appointment after work. Tomorrow, a wedding. The end of the school year is always extremely busy for me at work and personally!

I only have a few favorites in May and coincidentally, two are beauty/skincare related and 2 are food. And not just food in general, but they’re both ice cream. Clearly, I am working on my summer bod!

Let’s do the fun stuff first – the ice cream! A few weeks ago I picked up pistachio almond ice cream and it is sooooo good! I’ve had it before at ice cream shops and when I saw it at the supermarket (and had enough room in my freezer) I picked it up. Most nights I don’t eat dessert, not because I’m trying to diet, but because I’m always busy after dinner getting stuff done and watching tv that I forget about dessert. Which is good I guess, so I’m not eating ice cream every day! I probably eat dessert maybe 1-2 nights a week.

The other ice cream I’ve been loving this month are Choco Tacos. I got a craving for it after I saw Molly Yeh post her version on Instagram and then show how she made it on her Food Network show, Girl Meets Farm. But, it’s a whole process where she makes the taco from scratch and all that and I don’t have time for that. So I bought a pack from the supermarket and I love that these are small so it’s just the right amount of ice cream!

Pistachio Almond Ice CreamChoco Taco

My two beauty/skincare favorites are the Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer and CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. I mentioned in my recent post with my Sephora VIB Haul that I got the No Makeup Bronzer to darken my foundation a bit. I’m planning to do a whole blog post dedicated to the product, but just know that I love it which is why it’s in my favorites! I just swipe a little bit on my brush along with my foundation and it’s perfect.

Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer

I’ve been suffering from some stubborn dry patches along my hairline and especially by my ears lately. I’ve been using the CeraVe moisturizer and it’s really been helping! A little goes a long way so I just rub a little bit in my hands and then rub it on my ears and by my hairline and it’s been working wonders.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

My last favorite is presidential candidate hopeful Pete Buttigieg on The Tonight Show. I thought his Slow Jam the News segment was really funny and I really enjoyed his interview. I try not to get too political on here (that’s what my Twitter is for 😉 ) but I can’t hide my disdain for the current administration. I think there are multiple great candidates running for the Democratic candidacy and Mayor Pete is among my favorites.


That wraps up my May favorites. Short and sweet! And literally sweet with all that ice cream!

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