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    May 2020 Favorites

    Well if 2020 hasn’t already been bad enough, May has just been another dumpster fire! Things are absolutely crazy right now. We’re still getting through the pandemic and the country is literally and figuratively on fire. I hope you are all staying safe through all of these hard times. For lighter new, I have a round-up of things I loved in May. First, did you watch the first season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? I loved the show and I’m waiting to hear if it’s picked up for a 2nd season on NBC. I hope so! During the season finale, the cast sang “American Pie” and I was obsessed with their rendition…

  • Choco Taco

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    May 2019 Favorites

    It’s the last day of May, if you can believe it. This week has been a quick one at work since I had Monday and Tuesday off, but it’s been very busy. Last night was prom and today I’ve got a hair appointment after work. Tomorrow, a wedding. The end of the school year is always extremely busy for me at work and personally! I only have a few favorites in May and coincidentally, two are beauty/skincare related and 2 are food. And not just food in general, but they’re both ice cream. Clearly, I am working on my summer bod! Let’s do the fun stuff first – the ice…

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    May 2018 Favorites

    Can you believe that tomorrow is already June? It’s crazy to think that we’re already so far in to 2018 and that in a few weeks I’ll be on summer break. To wrap up the month of May, I have a few favorites to share with you. I only have a few favorites so this will be quick. First, I’ve been loving this Orange Marmalade with Champagne with toast for breakfast in the morning. It’s so yummy and not too sweet! Another food favorite of mine this month is the walnut danish from my local bakery. It’s such a good baked good snack especially with an afternoon cup of coffee. My next…

  • Hashtag Sunglasses

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    May 2017 Favorites

    And just like that it’s the end of May! I’ve been so busy this month that it’s been hard to keep track of everything but I’ve kept a running list of things I’ve been loving this month so I could do this post. Also, the 3 day weekend has me so confused and thrown with what day of the week it is! For my first favorite of the month, I’ve been loving my gold & green Hashtag Sunnies. They’re incredibly lightweight and I love the gold and green combo. You can use my code NewShades4You for 10% off your order! My next favorite is my Clarins Lip Comfort Oil that I got from…

  • Sally Hansen - Grape Shifter

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    May 2016 Favorites

    Another month gone by and as usual I can’t believe time has gone so fast. I really can’t handle how fast time is going! I have a few favorites from the month of May to share with you all today so let’s get to it. First up, I never thought I’d be a “podcast person”. I know a lot of people love listening to different podcasts and I always thought that’d be something cool to get in to, but I didn’t realistically see myself listening to any. The reason being my drives aren’t that long on a daily basis. I only have about a 15 minute drive to work so…