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A couple months ago I kept seeing posts on Instagram from Paint Bucket Nails – a nail shop in New York City. When the pandemic hit, they started making and selling nail strips for order. The designs looked so pretty and I liked the idea of supporting a small business so I ordered 2 different sets to try out.

I tried out one of the sets last week, the Rockette design, which feature different colors and a dainty gold bow design. So pretty!

Sadly, these did not last long, which is so disappointing because I wanted to love them! The texture of the strips were a little weird – plastic feeling whereas usually these strips feel like stickers – so I feel like they weren’t as flexible to apply.

Now here’s the weird part – the color started to fade and almost bleach and turn white and the weird part? They started to get this bubbly texture! All these bubbles were underneath them after a few days and I wish I took a picture, but my nails looked like they had grown barnacles. It was so bizarre.

Anyway, they were really pretty for the first two days or so before it went downhill from there. I don’t know if this was just a bad batch or if all of their sets will be the same for me, but I do have another set (white with gold stars) and I will definitely still try them out and keep an open mind. However, even if the gold star set works out for me, I don’t think I would buy again from Paint Bucket Nails because they actually do not have a great range of sizes. The pack only came with one strip and I feel like the strips are on the bigger side and didn’t really fit my nails properly.

I’ll definitely write a post when I try out the other set and see how it goes!

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