Winter Village Nail Wraps

I know it’s so warm outside that it could be summer and not spring these days so it’s funny to be wearing nail wraps called “Winter Village”. But, I think these white nails with gold stars can work any time of year and not just the winter!

A few weeks ago I used nail stickers or nail wraps that had pretty colors and bows. I talked about how they were really pretty for the first day and it was downhill from there. These are from the same brand – I had ordered these two at the same time – so I wanted to give the company another chance. These have turned out much better. Still not as good as the ones I’ve used from Dashing Diva or Vanity Table, but a much better experience than last time with the fading and bubbling. These are starting to have bubbles, but nothing as bad looking or noticeable as last time.

Nail Wraps: Paint Bucket Nails

The design is really cute and while I had a better experience this time around with the company than last time I don’t think I’d order from them again. Nothing against the shop, but I’ve just had better experiences with the other brands I mentioned!

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