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Flash Tattoos

I don’t have any tattoos. It’s not that I’m against them – I just don’t think I like anything/any design enough to have it on my body for the rest of my life. But Flash Tattoos are temporary and after seeing how fun they looked on Instagram since last summer I knew I wanted to try them out this summer. I ordered two packs: Wanderlust and Goldfish Kiss.

These apply just like those old school temporary tattoos we all wore when we were little kids. Just cut out the tattoo, remove the plastic protective covering, place it on your skin and use a damp cloth or paper towel against the paper to allow the tattoo to transfer from the paper to your skin.I’ve worn a bunch in the last month and took pictures of them all to put into this one post. Let’s take a look!

Flash Tattoos
Heart Flash Tattoo
Heart Flash Tattoo 1

The heart tattoo was the first one I tried and might be my favorite one of the ones I’ve worn so far. It’s a beautiful metallic/foiled gold and I put it on my wrist. This one lasted about a week before it started to fade and I lightly scrubbed/scratched it off with ease.

Wanderlust Flash Tattoo
Wanderlust Flash Tattoo 1

I loved the placement of this Wanderlust tattoo on my index finger. The font was typewriter-like and while it was a bit crooked because of the way it was placed on my finger I think it looked cool. This one did not last long at all, unfortunately – just a day. I guess the inside of your finger isn’t a good place for a tattoo. You use your fingers for basically everything and it was constantly rubbing against my middle finger so it just came off super easily.

Flash Tattoo 1
Compass Flash Tattoo
Compass Flash Tattoo 1

I love how intricate this Compass tattoo is with the mix of silver and gold detailing and the north, south, east, and west in a pretty script. I placed this on the top of my left foot and have gotten a ton of compliments on it! This has lasted forever. In fact, it is still on my foot right now, though starting to fade, and it’s been 2 weeks! I swear, I shower daily and loofah it up with body wash but it’s still going strong.

Salt Sand Sun Flash Tattoo
Salt Sand Sun Flash Tattoo 1

This Salt, Sand, Sun tattoo is so cute. I put it on the inside of my forearm. The font is so pretty and has a shimmering effect to it. It lasted a good few days.

Coordinates Flash Tattoo

The one I just applied yesterday are Coordinates and funny story, after I applied it I realized it was upside down. Oops. I could’ve removed it, but it was the only tattoo in the pack with coordinates and I thought that was super cute so I just kept it. It’s so small that it’s hard to tell anyway! I thought this was a cute placement for it because you can only see it if I’m wearing a tank top so it’s perfect now that I’m back at work.

I am really loving these Flash Tattoos and the whole idea of them. I’m having so much fun with them. Some people have told me I should just get a real tattoo, but I much prefer these temporary ones because it means I can always wear a different one and never get bored of one. I still have so many left from the two packs I got, but I’m not waiting until next summer to break them out again.

I plan to wear them even during the fall and winter which will be easy because once the cool/cold weather hits I’ll be wearing clothing that pretty much cover my whole body to work and so the tattoos will be easily concealed. I will write up another post this winter with some more hidden tattoos!

There are so many cool packs to choose from on the Flash Tattoos website. Next summer I think I want to order some of the colored ones. Those look like a lot of fun too, although I am a sucker for the pretty foiled gold ones like my fav heart one.

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