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Fanciful Press-On Nails

Last year Kiss sent me some products including some really pretty press-on nails. Since it was around the holidays I tried out the darker, more glitzy set and I left the lighter sparkly tip set for another time. I kept putting off trying out the set until this weekend. This light pink set with silver sparkly tips is called “Fanciful” and like last time I trimmed them back significantly because they were so long!

Kiss Nails - FancifulKiss Nails - Fanciful 1Kiss Nails - Fanciful 2Kiss Nails - Fanciful 3

Putting them on was easy again. It’s always trial and error to see which nails will fit which fingernail best. What was difficult this time around was getting the adhesive stickies to stick properly to my nails. I’m not sure if this batch was just bad or if I waited too long to use this set and the stickies weren’t good anymore. They kept pilling or balling up when I tried to put them on so I went through all of them including the extras. 2 of the nails fell off yesterday and since I didn’t have any more of the clear stickies I had to use the glue. I tried to avoid the glue because it’s more difficult to remove, but on the plus side they feel more secure on.

I love the look of these and I’m still on the fence about my ultimate thoughts on press-on nails. I love the look and they’re easy to apply, but it’s always hard to do things with long nails. Even after I trim them back and file them I don’t cut them too short or else you lose out on a lot of the design. I’ve worn those Sally Hansen Salon Effects before which are those design strips that you stick on your nails and then file off the excess so it’s your own nail and I’ve loved those. I’m not sure Sally Hansen makes those anymore because I didn’t see any on Ulta or Target’s websites, but I saw that Dashing Diva makes ones that seem to be the same concept so I think I’m going to check those out! Speaking of Dashing Diva though, I have heard good things about their press-on nails and I do have a set that I got during a sale at Ulta over the summer so I will have to try those out sometime soon too.

What do you like doing with your nails?

*This product was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

As a side note, the new version of my Love is Love mug is available on the Williams-Sonoma website and 50% of proceeds go to The Human Rights Campaign.

You can shop the nails and mug below!

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  • TheMakeupCase17

    I pretty much exclusively wear press on nails these days. I highly recommend giving Dashing Diva a try. I like their nails a tiny bit more than the Impress ones as my nailbeds are on the wider side (my thumbs mainly) & their thumb nails come in more sizes.

    As for the adhesive not sticking as well, did you use the included alcohol prep pad before applying? I’ve found it makes a huge difference. If you ever have a scenario where you don’t have the prep pad, rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad works too. The alcohol removes any dirt, oil & residue on your nails so they’re as clean as possible.

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