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The holidays are soon approaching which means a lot of guests in and out of your home or long travel plans with the family. The holiday season are such a wonderful time of the year however statistics also indicate that burglaries around that time are also reported. It has a lot to do with that they are aware that there are plenty of gift in the home and probably extra money lying around. Did you know that according to the FBI there are over 400,00 burglaries that take place during the holiday season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas? There are ways for you to help protect your home and feel more secure during this time of the year. I’ll share 6 tips to ensure that if you do them, 


  1. Don’t Share On Social Media– You love sharing your upcoming travel plans with your friends but did you know that many burglars are like hawks on social media. They look through the posts and look for this type of information that you have forgotten. They also look to see what type of guests you may be getting your family members or when you are leaving for the vacation to visit loved ones. The information that you post can be used against you so my biggest advice would be to not share any of it and only tell a few neighbors that you can trust when you are gone. 

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  1. Monitor Your Security System – If you are traveling during the holiday season, it’s best to keep your security alarm on alert but you won’t be able to have a peace of mind if you can’t check in here and there. A highly recommended security system in the Texas area is called Alpha Fire And Security System. Alpha Provides you with a state of the art burglar alarm system that will alert the police department in the case of a break in occurring. They also added a new total connect technologist the ability to send an alert to your phone when you are not home. They test, install and monitor a wide variety of security products. From touch screen wireless systems to keypad security, whatever your family needs they are able to help you and want to work to keep you safe. Not only is the friendly staff wanting to keep your home safe from potential break ins but they also offer fire alarm systems. These systems are there to help warn you if there is a fire within your home to get you to safety as quick as they can as well as alert the fire department to get to your home. 


  1. Put Your Lights On Timers – Burglars are also known for getting down the perfect time to go into a home. They do this by waiting for signs of inactivity or people that leave the home. One way to do this is by seeing if the lights are off. This is why if you have any lights within your home, make sure to have them both on the interior and exterior of your home with a timer. By doing this, the burglar won’t know that your home is empty when you are away. 


  1. Have Neighbors Check On The Home – If you don’t have a security system, see if any neighbors that you trust can keep an eye out on your home while you are away. They can see if there is any suspicious activity such as cars parked nearby, people walking by they haven’t seen anywhere, or anyone looking into windows in front or in back of your home. They can also grab your mail or any packages that come to your home so it looks like you are home. 


  1. Be Alert of Door To Door Donations – While we want to be able to trust everyone that comes to our door asking for donations, especially during the holiday season, be cautious about this. Burglars know this might be an easy access to get into your home because you opened the door. If you really want to make a donation to a charity organization, so on your own terms by bringing in food, clothing or other items that the homeless might need. 


There are several other tips to keep your home safe during the holiday season but these are the ones you can do right away before you leave! Having your home safe while you are out running errands or on vacation with your family can give you the peace of mind that you deserve. What are some other tips you have to keep your home feeling more secure during the holiday season? Share them in the comment below because I’m sure we can all help one another out during the busy time.

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