Deborah Lippmann - Cuticle Lab Kit

Deborah Lippman – Cuticle Lab Set

For my birthday in August, my bff got me a few goodies and this Deborah Lippman Cuticle Lab Set was one of them. I rarely ever go to get my nails done in a salon anymore. I actually can’t remember the last time I did. I don’t have anything against nail salons, I just don’t make the time to go and I’ve also been trying to get better at doing my own nails. Plus, when I do my own nails it saves me money which I’d prefer to put towards food, clothes, and other beauty items. Anyway, my friend knows I do my own nails so she got me this cuticle lab set. Truth be told, I like having clean and neat cuticles but the whole process skeeves me out. I’m always afraid the nail technician will make me bleed or the cuticle pusher will go underneath my cuticle. It really creeps me out. So I’m glad that this set is so easy to use, gentle, and since I’m doing it myself I can just be more delicate with the whole process. Sure, since I’m so delicate with it I probably don’t do as good of a job with it as if I got it professionally done but it works for me!

Deborah Lippmann - Cuticle Lab Kit
Deborah Lippmann - Cuticle Lab Kit 1
Deborah Lippmann - Cuticle Lab Kit 2
Deborah Lippmann - Cuticle Lab Kit 3

First, you brush on some of the cuticle remover. This is supposed to soften and loosen dead or dry cuticles. This has a cooling effect when applied.

Then, use the cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles. I do this really gently because of my above fear. There’s no trimming involved like at the salon, just the pusher.

Then, apply the cuticle oil and massage it in. This smells like coconut and I love it!

Lastly, apply the repair cream and massage it in to nourish your cuticles and to keep them soft and prevent dryness. A little goes a long way so you only need a tiny dab of the product.

Overall, I really like the set and it makes it easy for me to have nice cuticles!

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