• Front Facing Hoops
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    Front Facing Hoops

    If you follow me on Instagram, then you might’ve seen my stories where I talked about how I’ve been on a hoop earrings kick lately. You may also recognize these earrings from my stories. I was looking for hoops recently. Ones that are lightweight, not too big, not too small. I came across these earrings that aren’t your typical hoops. They are round and have crystals all the way around, but the difference is they have a regular post and the hoops face front. Earrings: Baublebar (similar) | Denim Jacket: LOFT | Tee: Aerie | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack I put this outfit together in my mind a few days prior…

  • White Enamel Heart Pendant
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    White Enamel Heart Pendant

    Heart pendants are always pretty, but what’s so great about this white enamel heart pendant is that it’s different than your standard pendant. First off, it’s white enamel so it’s got that bright, crisp pop that is perfect for spring and summer. Second, it is a 3D heart so it really pops (literally) and it such a fun piece. It comes on a gold link chain that is a little chunky to make a statement, but not too chunky where it becomes gaudy. I wore it last week to work with this blue striped button-down top with tiny floral detailing and black pants. I wore sandals here for photos, but wore…

  • Pearl Sunburst Clip-Ons

    Pearl Sunburst Earrings

    I hope you all had a nice weekend and a nice Easter, if you celebrate! I’m on spring break from work and still in Georgia until tomorrow, but the earrings I’m sharing today I wore to work a few weeks ago. So the story behind these earrings. I was placing an online order on J.Crew and was looking for something small to add to my cart for free shipping or something and I thought these pearl sunburst earrings were really pretty.When they arrived, I found out they were clip-on earrings! I guess I didn’t read the description carefully, but I didn’t return them because I got them for a ridiculously…

  • Giftbow Earring
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    Bow Earrings

    I first saw earrings that looked like gift bows not this past Christmas, but the Christmas before. They were Kate Spade earrings and so cute! Unfortunately, by the time I saw them they were sold out. But, then a few months later I saw a similar pair from Red Dress Boutique so I had to grab them! I wore the earrings to work last week and decided to snap a few photos so you can see the cuteness for yourself. I wore the silver gift bow earrings with a sparkly blue sweater and grey satin-y bow on the shoulder. So this outfit was kind of bows on bows. Top: LC…

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    What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

    Image Credit: Unsplash In the world of jewelry, every choice you make says something about your personal style. How you mix and match, and what you wear your jewelry with, gives away a little more than you might think about your taste and even your personality. Indeed, even the choice to not wear jewelry can make a statement! There is nothing like jewelry for transforming an outfit from average to awesome but here are a few of the signals you may not realise you are giving off. Fun and Quirky Matching bright colors, statement pieces and novelty jewelry is a brilliant way to show off your fun side. Fashion doesn’t…

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    Restyled: Pink Ruffle +White Faux Stone Earrings

    Last Monday I wore this pink ruffle top to work with marled style dress pants and white faux stone c-shaped earrings. I got a ton of compliments on my outfit – way more than I had expected which was nice. But the best part? My top feels like a sweatshirt! So I basically got complimented on how nice my outfit was and I was comfortable like I was in loungewear. The last time I wore this pink ruffle top on the blog I dressed it down with jeans and floral espadrille flats. This time, like I mentioned above, I wore it to work with dress pants and earrings. By the…

  • Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

    Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

    I wrote a few days ago about hoops being a big trend again after a few years in the backseat. Well, coin jewelry is also a huge thing right now and I am all for it. Layered coin necklaces, pendants, charm bracelets, you name it – I love how intricate they can get all while still being dainty for the most part. Back a couple months ago I did a post on my layered coin necklace so you know my love for it is real. When going through my jewelry box, I came across this charm bracelet I got years ago. I’m really talking years ago – like when I was in…

  • Multicolor Tortoise Hoops
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    Multicolor Tortoise Hoops

    Hoops are making a comeback, if you didn’t already know. I’ve never been one for huge hoops – I’ve always loved small ones. But I’ve been venturing more in to the medium sized ones. I think they’re the perfect size for a little pop to your look without becoming too much. These multicolor tortoise shell style hoops were an impulse buy when I was waiting at line to pay at LOFT and I’m so glad I got them! I love these earrings. The colors swirly together so perfectly, they’re the perfect size for me, and they’re seriously lightweight. I’m really sensitive to heavy earrings and I could hardly feel these on.…

  • Full Line Collection - bracelets

    Full Line Collection Haul

    Before the holidays, Full Line Collection was kind enough to let me pick out a few pieces for them to send me. I picked out a few fun pieces so I thought I’d share them with you in a haul. I haven’t worn them all yet since I just got them recently, but I did wear one of the bracelets a few days ago and loved it! First, the bracelets. I got the Jupiter Tortoise Cuff, Square Cut Bridal Crystal Stretch Bracelet in emerald green, Marcasite Looking High Heels and Purses Charm Toggle Bracelet, and the Oval Pave CZ Adjustable Bracelet. All the bracelets are so pretty and fun. The charm…

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    The Hottest Engagement Ring Trends Right Now There is no fashion accessory more important than your engagement ring. Thankfully, if you are planning on popping the question in 2018 or 2019, then you will have lots of beautiful rings to choose from. The current trends regarding engagement rings are simply to die for. Classic and elegant: The vintage trend Vintage engagement rings are soaring in terms of popularity. They have a look to them that is very beautiful yet also very intriguing. This is extremely fitting for a ring that has a monumental significance and is filled with symbolism of love. When looking for a vintage ring you should look for something that is detailed, classic,…