Colorful Charms – Pandora Bracelet

I got my first Pandora bracelet over two years ago and my first charm on it was a rose gold filagree heart. It was a birthday gift. As I browsed charms I’d want to buy myself or ask for for Christmas that year, I quickly decided that that bracelet would be only metals. No colored gems! Mixed metals only. Then, I would eventually get a second bracelet and put colored gems on that one. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I just have a clear stylistic vision lol.

Christmas 2020 I got a new bracelet and deemed that one to be my colorful gem bracelet. It’s not necessarily a “Christmas” bracelet, but it just so happens that one of the charms is a Christmas tree and one is a red gift so I just think of it as a Christmas bracelet. Anyway, I got a new emerald green charm for Christmas to add to it so I wanted to share!

I also got a charm for my mixed metals bracelet, but I haven’t worn that since Christmas and this colorful one I wore on Christmas so I don’t have photos to share of that one yet.

I also got another bracelet back in September or October as a free gift when I bought some charms at the outlet and I’ve deemed that one to be a dangly charm bracelet haha. I’ll share that one soon!

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