Pandora Dangle Charms

For those of you who have been following me for a while you probably already know that I’m a little picky about how I organize my Pandora bracelets. I have one with just mixed metal charms (no colored gems!), one with colored gems, and now one with dangle ones! Back in the fall I was at a Pandora shop at the outlets and had picked out some charms that my mom was going to keep for me to give me for Christmas. They were having a promotion going on and I qualified for a free bracelet! So I got a pull chain bracelet, which is much easier to put on than the regular Pandora bracelets, but it’s a lot harder to put charms on it.

Anyway, I decided that with this new pull chain bracelet I would put on dangle charms. Since the fall I’ve put on 3 charms – the rose from Beauty & the Beast, a Murano glass apple, and a dazzling clover charm. The clover and the apple were gifts – the apple because I’m a teacher.

I do need to get some clips for this bracelet though because the charms all get bunched up and become one little clump so you can’t really see them clearly when I’m wearing the bracelet.

What do you think of dangle charms?

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