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Choosing a perfume scent you like is so personal. Everyone has different preferences, but I think one thing we can all agree on is that everyone wants to smell good! Since perfume is usually something I need to sniff in person before buying I was curious to see what I would think of this perfume Fragrance Outlet sent me. My Pure is the latest exclusive scent from retailer Fragrance Outlet and I was thrilled that I loved the perfume from the first moment I saw and smelled it.

First off, Fragrance Outlet sent me the perfume in the cutest box. Presentation matters!


Inside the box was this beautiful perfume bottle. The perfume is in a square bottle and is a gorgeous blue green clear glass. The print on the bottle and the nozzle are both gold which offers a very pretty pop of color against the blue green glass.

So how does it smell? I’m horrible at describing scents so I’ll tell you what the website says are the notes of the perfume. My Pure has top notes of plum and iris; middle notes of Bulgarian rose and jasmine; base notes of amber and vetiver.

The scent is very sophisticated. What I mean by that is that it isn’t a sweet smell, which I sometimes associate with youthful and fun scents. That’s not to say that this is an old or un-fun scent – just that it is a more mature, robust scent. It has a full-bodied smell that just envelops your senses, which I think is perfect for the fall and winter season approaching because it’s the time of year that you want to switch from more fruity, light scents with heavier, woody scents.

A little goes a long way! One spritz gave me plenty for both wrists and enough left over on my wrists to dab onto my neck. With that I could easily smell it on my wrists for hours. I really enjoy this perfume so much. It was a huge relief that this perfume that I did not smell ahead of time smelled so good.

Fragrance Outlet is the only retailer of My Pure so click here to find a location near you! Or you can always order online with the link I posted at the beginning of this post. And I have a special treat for you all! Fragrance Outlet has been gracious enough to give a discount code to you all! By using code MYPURE55 when checking out at the Fragrance Outlet website you will receive 55% off the price of the perfume. How awesome is that?!

I hope you will check out the perfume for yourself and enjoy it just as much as me!


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