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I’ve been working from home for exactly 2 months now. All the days are blending together and half the time I have to think about what day it is. I sit every day Monday-Friday from 7:50-4:00 at my desk. Of course, I get up to walk around, go to the bathroom, eat lunch. But for the bulk of the day I’m working/teaching virtually from my desk. I wrote a few months ago about my desk in my guest room. I wanted to make it pretty, but also functional and good thing since I’m working from it all the time now.

What prompted me to write this post, besides the obvious – that I’m sitting at my desk all the time now – is that on Friday I had a department meeting over Zoom. As a belated teacher appreciation thing, we were having a “fun” meeting instead of the standard meeting. We had to do a sort of scavenger hunt thing. We were given 2 minutes to collect 3 items around our house that fit the 3 criteria we were given. One of the criteria was “The most teacher-y item you have at home”. Most of us don’t have a lot of teacher-y items at home since most things were left at work. We also didn’t know we wouldn’t be going back to our classrooms when we left.

So my item that I shared was my acrylic stapler from Kate Spade that I got during Black Friday. I shared it and the other acrylic items I got in my desk update post (linked above). I held it up on Zoom and said “I chose a stapler because I’m always stapling stuff at work, but I don’t bring this one to work because it’s too pretty to bring.” Apparently, everyone loved that! They thought it was pretty also and agreed that it would either break or go missing. At the end of our meeting we had to vote via Google Forms who had the best teacher-y item and I won! I thought I would show off my fabulous stapler on here again!

Kate Spade Acrylic StaplerKate Spade Acrylic Stapler 1Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler 2

I love this stapler so much! The acrylic and gold, the engraved message that says “Keep It Together”.

I wanted it for years and got it last year. I don’t think it’s available anymore, I think they phased it out for more summery colors because there is a similar one available now, but it’s a color block one instead of all clear acrylic.

I’ve rounded up other Kate Spade desk items that I think are equally as pretty though!


As you can see all the items are definitely more summery with the beautiful pastels! With many of us working from home these days, why not add some pretty items to your desk?

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