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In fall 2018, I shared my new desk. A super stylish, sleek twilight blue writing desk. Since I moved out of my townhouse and in to my condo, the desk was one of the pieces of furniture I brought with me. I’ve turned my guest room in to a sort of office/guest room. I’m planning to get a day bed in there eventually, but for now it’s only got a standing lamp, standing mirror, my desk, and my clothes rack.

So when I had the desk at the townhouse, I basically never used it. It was in an awkward corner in the living room and my brother kind of took it over with his work stuff on it and a computer monitor on it. Plus he took the office chair to his room so there wasn’t even a chair!

But, since taking it with me I have actually sat at it to do some work and write thank you cards so it’s already been put to use. Also, now that it’s all mine I have updated it a bit. I got cute desk supplies and desk lamp and the prettiest chair!

Desk UpdateBlue Dining ChairDesk Update 1Desk Update 2Gemstone CalculatorGemstone Calculator 1White Banker's LampWhite Banker's Lamp 1Kate Spade Acrylic Desk AccessoriesKate Space Acrylic StaplerKate Spade Acrylic Stapler 1Kate Spade Acrylic Tape DispenserKate Spade Acrylic Pencil CupKate Spade Acrylic Pencil Cup 1Desk Update 3

A few of the things on my desk are things I’ve wanted for a while and finally got! I have always wanted the acrylic desk items from Kate Spade so of course I had to take advantage of Black Friday sales! I got the tape dispenser, pencil cup, and stapler. They have the cutest sayings engraved on the gold detailing on them too. The tape dispenser says “make it stick”, the pencil cup says “a stroke of genius”, and the stapler says “keep it together”. So cute!

I have wanted the gem calculator since I saw it (or one similar) on Lindsi Lane’s Instagram Stories. So girly and fun while still being practical!

The banker’s lamp has been on my mind for a long time. My dad had the classic green one for years and I was going to take that, but when he found it for me it wasn’t working. So I decided to get one from Amazon. While I love the classic green, I thought white would go better with the room and everything else on my desk.

The last thing on my desk is a roller stamp which is an inky roller that you roll over your name, address, etc. for any of your mail or packages that you’re getting rid of. Then, I just have a box of tissues and some spare thank you cards.

My chair is actually a dining chair, but I don’t care. I don’t need a chair with wheels. It is gorgeous and comfortable! The front is a like a taupe color and the back has the prettiest blue pattern and a metal ring. It is the most expensive thing in this desk update – even more than the desk itself since the desk is on sale! But, totally worth it in my opinion. It’s a piece that will last a long time.

On the sides of my desk I just have a little garbage can and a plastic bin for things that I need to eventually shred.

I’ve linked to all the major items here and my desk is still available and on sale! It’s listed for a closeout sale price, which I assume means they’re not restocking and selling off all the inventory they have? Anyway, if you want a different color than this blue there are 12 colors to choose from!

I love the way my desk looks now. It’s fully functional, but pretty and feminine!

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