Greek Steak Salad

Just a quick food post from me this afternoon! You know when you have a mix of leftovers in your fridge and you decide putting them together would actually taste amazing? I don’t mean some weird concoctions, but a real meal.

One day I looked in my fridge to see what I had to make for lunch and I saw I had arugula, feta, beets, and steak. This made me think of a delicious salad I had at my friend’s house last summer. I call it a “Greek” steak salad, because it has feta and a greek salad dressing.

This is seriously the easiest thing to put together if you’ve already got all the ingredients waiting for you. All I did was rinse and dry the arugula, cut up the beets, slice up and reheat the steak (it was a little rare for me originally), toss it with Greek Vinaigrette, and add a sprinkle of feta on top.

ArugulaSaladSteakGreek Steak SaladGreek Steak Salad 1Greek Steak Salad 2Greek Steak Salad 3

So good and filling too!

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