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How to Deal with Addiction in the Workplace

You’ve probably seen plenty of movies that glamorize characters having a drug addiction while also balancing out their work. One of the more notable ones would be “The Wolf of Wallstreet’”.  There are a large number of people who are suffering from addictions in today’s round-the-clock work culture. Sometimes, many people develop a drug addiction due to this work culture of working hard.

Not only is this work culture incredibly toxic, but unfortunately many employers do little or nothing about it (especially white-collar jobs).  Dealing with a situation like this is far from easy, but it is something that must get addressed. Addictions can destroy a person’s life, and the path to an employee’s addiction usually begins as something gradual. Here are some ways how employers can help employees with their addictions. 

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Know that this needs to be handled ASAP

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or even someone very concerned about their coworker, it’s honestly important to try and address this issue head-on. Are there any company policies that prohibit drug and alcohol consumption in the workplace? What about other possible addictive activities such as gambling?

 Adding these rules if they don’t already exist should be the first thing to do. Next, someone such as a supervisor should watch out for anyone that could potentially be showing signs in the workplace of an addictions habit. All employers need to sternly deal with employees who are suspected of substance abuse.

Know there are different types of addictions

There are different types of addictions, but the two most common (and harmful) ones would indeed be substance abuse and alcohol. Addictions can come in a variety of forms, so employers should look into this. Addictions tend to be a way to make you less stressed, at one point in time there is a dependency that builds up.  In general, addictions can be very harmful, even if they don’t involve alcohol or drugs it helps recognize that there could be some other addiction that your employee may have. Gambling and eating are two good examples of this.

 How to identify employees with an abuse problem

It’s so important that these addictions get recognized as soon as possible. Your employees will possibly need to look into drug or alcohol treatment centers in the area. Some signs of an addiction can include:

  • Physical changes
  • Behavioral changes such as aggression
  • The decline in work performance
  • Major changes within their personal life
  • Absent from work more often
  • Lack of discipline

While these are signs of an addiction, it doesn’t immediately equate to someone being an addict. Some may not show any of these signs at all.

How to tackle addiction in the workplace

As an employer, this must get addressed immediately. Addictions can leave a mess within the workplace and can even cause a need for a refresh. In general, it’s so important to handle with situation delicately and not be hostile towards the addict, some steps include:

  • Talking with them to see an addict group
  • Bring in a professional
  • Notify the employee’s loved ones
  • Offer health plans to assist with this situation
  • Record possible addiction signs so they can’t be denied
  • Be stern about the situation
  • Talk privately about this matter

This has to be promptly addressed. While it’s far from an easy task, it is something that has to be done. Substance abuse is an addiction that is putting their life and possibly other lives at risk. While it’s a very delicate topic, this must get recognized.

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