Taking Care Of Your Eyes

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Your eyesight is an important sense. Some people might argue that it is the most important. Your eyes give you so much information about the world around you. You can spot dangers that lay in your path, you can see beautiful sunsets, and you can look at the faces of the people that you love. Your eyes allow you to read a book, and they let you watch a boxset on Netflix. Eyes are pretty awesome. 

But eyesight can deteriorate over time. ou may not even notice the changes to your eyesight as they can be very gradual. Often, the smallest changes can happen over a period of a couple of years.  

But when your eyesight does deteriorate, it can affect your ability to do things such as drive. Having clear vision when you are behind the wheel of a car is vital to your safety, as well as that of other road users, and passers-by. 

You might find that you will have started to strain to see things. You may not realize that you are actually doing this, but by doing so, you might end up getting headaches when you are watching TV, reading, or using a computer. 

It is therefore important that you get your eyes tested on a regular basis. 


Getting Your Eyes Tested
Every two years you should pay a visit to your optician for an eye test. An eye exam will take roughly ten to fifteen minutes and will consist of several different tests. Some will be looking for signs of glaucoma and cataracts, while others will be testing for changes in your ability to see things that are close up and far away. 

You will be asked to read a chart while the optician asks you how clear the letters and numbers appear through a series of lenses. 

If things that are closer to you appear blurry, then you are long-sighted. If your vision gets blurrier the further away you are from something then you are short-sighted. In both of these cases, you may need correcting lenses. 


You Could Get Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are a great option for people who have never worn glasses before. Glasses can be a major change to your appearance. However, contact lenses are completely invisible. 

You can easily buy contact lenses online that match your prescription. 

There are several types of contact lens available including disposable and daily disposables, as well as lenses that you would need to keep in saline solution overnight.


Choosing Fashionable Frames
Glasses can be quite a fashion statement. Gone are the cliches about glasses wearers being geeky. It is now cooler than ever to wear specs. 

Pick a frame that suits the shape of your face. You could even choose to accessorize your favourite outfits and have a couple of different pairs made up.  There is no reason not to make the fact that you need to wear glasses into a style choice that you can really own. 

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