Just How Healthy Are You!?

Now this is asking something! Some of you will jump at the chance to tell people about your gym routine, or your new diet, and how amazing you feel. Some of you will jump at the chance to tell people how you would rather do anything but exercise, and turn your nose up at people who do actually do exercise. Those are the two types of people that we think there are in the world. The tryers, and the straight up deniers. But it doesn’t matter what category you fall into, because there are other factors that contribute to your health. It’s not all about being able to jump onto a treadmill and run as fast as you can for a few minutes. It’s not about shovelling salad leaves and water down you at every hours of the day, and feeling like you’ve done yourself justice. It’s the deeper things that we think nobody actually thinks about. Of course, we will touch on these two things, as there’s no denying that they are two of the golden rules of being healthy After reading this, you might have a different view of what health means, and you might actual be able to better yourself in more ways than you could ever have imagined.


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The Golden Rules Of Health
So, we said it isn’t the only thing that you have to think about, but we did say these are the golden rules that you need to be thinking about. So, let’s talk about the first golden rule, fitness. Fitness is something that people struggle with so much because of the stigma that surrounds it. When you think about fitness, you think about hitting the gym surrounded by all of the buff people, or going for a run outside in all kinds of weather. It’s enough to put those who really don’t like the thought of exercise off it even more. But we’re here to tell you you don’t need to be spending an hour going for a jog, or an hour lifting weights in the gym. Simply going for a nice walk around a local nature area of yours will do. Walking actually burns so many calories, it’s easy to do, and gets you in that fresh air that’s so important. So, if you’re going to do any exercise at all, our top tip is to start with a simple work. Even if you do it for half an hour on your lunch break, it’s so much better than doing nothing at all. It might even spark a little bit of an interest in you to do some more as well. As you notice the walking becomes easier, you might turn it into a slow jog, and then you might venture into the gym to see what the other equipment will do for you. It’s all about gaining confidence in yourself, and taking it super slow.


Diet is all the same. All you have to do is slowly start to find replacements for the foods that you know are doing no good for you. Keep your systems healthy, and they’ll repay you more than you could imagine as you get older. But you don’t have to force salad leaves down your mouth every hour of the day, there are so many dishes that are low fat and low calorie, yet taste absolutely amazing, yet there would be no salad leaf insight unless you put on there. All you have to do is explore the internet for the different options that might be available for you, and see which ones tickle your fancy. Some say that shopping for healthy foods is more expensive, but if you shop in the right store and find the right discounts, you should be able to save yourself a fortune as well as add a couple of years onto your life.


We Need To Talk About Mental Health
We have to talk about mental health, because we hate that whenever anybody is on about health in general, it’s only the two things above that seem to get thrown into a conversation. People don’t focus on mental health, and it has long been thrown into the shadows. But we do feel like it’s getting more recognition as of late, and people are truly realising what it means to be stuck with a mental health disorder. Once you have one, it’s so hard to get rid of one without medication or counselling, and we feel like the stresses of the world are some of the biggest causes of the feelings people are having. But what’s the one thing people don’t do if they are struggling a bit with their mental health? They just don’t talk about it! It’s bottled up, until one day that bottle is shook enough that it bursts, and turns into a whole new problem. If you know your mental health isn’t where it should be at the minute, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Go to your GP, talk to your friends or family, and get it out in the open. The sooner you communicate the problems you’re having, the sooner your mind can be free from them. But don’t worry if you feel down, if you feel anxious, or if you feel stressed all of the time. It might not necessarily be a sign that you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, it’s normal feelings that everyone has, especially when life gets a little bit tough!

What Lifestyle Choices Do You Make
The lifestyle choices you make are up to you, and whether we talk about them or not, it’s hard to get people out of the routine they’re in, and the lifestyle choices that that routine has created. One problem people have, and can still think they’re healthy as anything whilst doing so, is drinking or casual drinking. Someone could be the biggest gym bunny and health freak in the world, but could then spend the weekends guzzling so much alcohol it’s no wonder they have a beer belly. If you really want to think about how healthy you are, you have to think about what you’re doing to your body outside of eating healthy and exercising right. Be conscious of the effects that things have on your body, and think about how you might pay the price at a later date!


The Things You Really Won’t Think About
There are some things to do with your health that you really won’t think about, because they might not necessarily affect you with you realising. One of them that might be considered a bit of a taboo subject, is sexual health. Some people make some big mistakes when it comes to this, but we’re not here to judge. Instead, we’re here to guide. Everyone should have healthy hygiene habits when it comes to sexual health, which includes using the right contraception, washing soon afterwards, and even simple things like making sure the bed sheets are changed! The more you protect your sexual health, the more your body will thank you later!


The Changes You Need To Make Today!
If you’ve read this article and are still wondering what changes you need to make today, well you should have a little reread, because they’re all listed above from you. Making baby steps is the route you should go down, because no one likes big changes, and your body and mind won’t respond well to them. But slowly and surely, you will get into a new routine, and your body will get used to the things you’re doing!

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