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300 Peloton Rides

At the beginning of the month I hit 300 rides on Peloton! This has definitely been the form of exercise that I’ve stuck with the longest aside from doing dance from elementary school til I graduated high school. I did Zumba for a while, but never want to class consistently – a few times a month maybe. I did kickboxing for a few years but also only a few times a month. Then, I did BBG at home but got kind of lazy with that. But, I’ve been riding the Peloton and doing their other exercises on the app like yoga, core, strength, etc. since September 2020. I ride usually at least 4 times a week! There have been short chunks of time where I haven’t been able to ride because of being away or when I had Covid or when I had surgery. But normally I ride at least 2 times during the work week and twice on the weekends.

Zip Up: Jockey (here) | Tank Top: Amazon (here) | Leggings: Jockey (here)

If you’re on Peloton, add me as a friend! My username is jamwong. Here’s to the next 300 rides!

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