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International Women’s Day

As many of you may know it is Women’s History Month this month and today is International Women’s Day. I know there is a movement today for women to stay home from work for “A Day Without a Woman”. Unfortunately, I can’t take off because I have parent/teacher conferences today which means not just a regular day of work, but a late night. And I came home from work yesterday feeling under the weather. It’s just as well – it’s just another example of how women power through anything! As I write this (on Tuesday night) I plan to go to work tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens when I wake up and if I’m still feverish.

We are all Wonder Women
International Women's Day

Strong Women(images via Pinterest)

In honor of this day, I’m sharing the sweatshirt I wore over the weekend.

A Woman's Place - Sweatshirt
A Woman's Place - Sweatshirt 1

I got this sweatshirt from Wicked Clothes and I love it! The sweatshirt is great quality and I love the message on it. It’s so funny with its spin on words although I wish there was an ellipsis between “house” and “and” so that it would read like “A  woman’s place is in the house…and the senate” to further drive home the play on words.

I hope all you women out there have a fabulous day and are feeling better than I am!

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