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International Women’s Day – Femme Power

Happy International Women’s Day!

I woke up yesterday expecting snow on the ground since pretty much all the schools in NJ were closed due to the impending snowstorm, mine included, but there was just some rain and no snow. Weather reports said the storm was moving up the coast slower than expected but that the snow would be hitting us around noon. And boy did it escalate quickly. By 12:30 thick snowflakes were furiously falling from the sky and as I write this at 5:30 pm on Wednesday it is still coming down heavily and we have at least a foot of snow. If you watch my Instagram stories you’ll probably have seen some of my videos and photos of the snow including my neighbor’s tree that fell over and my drooping tree covered in heavy snow. Currently my tree hasn’t fallen over or snapped yet and I’m hoping that’s still the case! I’m writing this in advance because my electricity has been going in and out so I don’t know if I’ll have power or internet later tonight or tomorrow morning!

Back to the point of this post though. Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women everywhere – which should be every day but today’s a day to really shine an extra special light on women everywhere. Last year I shared this sweatshirt that I really love and I think is funny and pointed. This year, I’m sharing this tee I got at H&M over the summer and knew I wanted to share for this day.

J.K Rowling QuoteFemme Power t-shirt 1Femme Power t-shirt 2Femme Power t-shirt

I think this tee is so fun and I love the vintage look of the wash. The female super heroes and the “femme power” logo are perfection!

Wishing all you fabulous ladies out there a happy International Women’s Day! And for any of my east coast readers who are buried in snow like me, I hope you stay warm and safe!

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