Surplice Button Dress
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Surplice Button Front Dress

I had a couple things on my to-do list last night when I got home and before I went to bed. I accomplished 1 thing. Why? Because I spent hours tearing apart my room looking for an eyelet dress that I can’t remember if I received or not. I pre-ordered a white eyelet dress a while ago and I just remembered last night that I had received an email last week about it being shipped. I can’t remember if I got it or not. Part of me feels like I took it out of the package and part of me doesn’t remember actually getting it and my memory of it is mixed up with another package. Anyway, the tracking said it was delivered to my mailbox a week ago!! So I looked through everything multiple times and I cannot find the dress. I have been to the mailbox a few times since the supposed delivery date and I know for sure that it was not there when I last went to get the mail on Monday because I remember my mailbox was empty.

Needless to say, I spent last night stressing, looking for it, emailing the company (even though their FAQ page says that once the post office takes the package it’s their responsibility) and filing an online claim with the post office. I really want that dress and it wasn’t cheap – so do I keep searching for it or buy another one and spend double the amount for it??

Sorry for the rambling – I’m just frustrated about the whole thing.

Anyway, let’s move on to a different dress for today’s post. The surplice button front style has been really popular lately. I’ve seen lots of similar dresses this summer. In fact, i have another dress that has similar button detailing but it’s a different color, fabric, and is spaghetti straps. So there are variations but the common theme is the wrap style buttons. This red dress has little short sleeves that poof a little at the shoulders. It’s very lightweight and has some stretch to it so it’s comfortable.

Surplice Button DressSurplice Button Dress 1Surplice Button Dress 2Surplice Button Dress 3Surplice Button Dress 4Surplice Button Dress 5Surplice Button Dress 6Surplice Button Dress 7Surplice Button Dress 8Surplice Button Dress 9Surplice Button Dress 10Surplice Button Dress 11Surplice Button Dress 12Surplice Button Dress 13Surplice Button Dress 14Surplice Button Dress 15Surplice Button Dress 16Surplice Button Dress 17

Dress: Express | Sandals: DSW

I love how bright and vibrant this dress is. Perfect for summer!

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