Taking a break on yoga mat
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BBG: 3 Month Check-In

I’m back with my 3 month check-in of the BBG program. I can’t believe I’ve been keeping up with this for 3 months already! Like with my first and second check-ins, I haven’t found it hard to stay motivated and keep up with working out 6 days a week. Some days are a little tougher to get myself going than others, but I haven’t skipped any days which i’m really proud of myself for. The only days I don’t do some sort of BBG exercise is on my rest days.

I’m still doing BBG1 and it’s been tough. I definitely think I’ll be re-doing BBG1 at the end of the 12 weeks before moving on to BBG2. I’ve read that that’s really quite normal to re-do the whole 12 weeks again to get better at all the exercises before moving on.

Although I’ve been keeping up with all my work outs, this month has been tough. I don’t feel like I’m putting as much energy in to all my exercises. Part of it is because I’ve been so busy and tired. Part of it is because my body has been more achey. I think it’s because I’ve been consistently working out so I’m sometimes sore or stiff, especially my knees so I’ve been more conscious of not going at it as hard. My waist has pretty much stayed the same, but I’ve lost about 5 pounds since I started this BBG journey. 5 pounds isn’t a lot, but it’s something and with my small stature, I guess it is a little significant.

So I’ve been doing the BBG workouts and still rotating between yoga, cycling on the stationary bike, and dance cardio. I actually haven’t done any Blogilates videos this month. I need to get back in to those!

Here’s a Boomerang I took last week during one of my dance cardio days!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’ll probably start doing my evening walks again to count for my LISS. Just yesterday, I started incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to burn some more fat and calories. I did some exercises with light hand weights for a tabata exercise. Tabata and HIIT are when you do some sort of intense exercise for a short spurt of time and then rest and then do it again. BBG makes it so easy to do this because under their HIIT section you can input how much total time you want to do and it will break down the exercise and rest time for you. For example, I did 10 minutes of the arm exercises with the handweights yesterday for tabata after my leg day. I put in 10 mins on the BBG app and it automatically set it for 20 seconds of working out and 40 seconds of rest. It kept going and going until 10 minutes was up. I actually really liked it and the 10 minutes went by so far. I’m definitely incorporating this fat burning exercise more into my week. I have 2 weddings left in the next few weeks (wedding #1 for my friend was over the weekend) and the dress for my friend’s wedding in 3 weeks has an open back and I want my back to look good in photos of my dress! Seriously, you don’t think about back fat until you look at photos of your back!

Taking a break on yoga mat
Taking a break on my yoga mat. Black & white so you can’t see my sweat and my ponytail always turns into a side pony by the end of my workouts. 

That wraps up my 3 month check-in! I would say I plan to put more effort in to my workouts each day this next month, but it’s going to be a crazy busy month for me so I can’t make any promises! I do intend to keep up with my daily work outs though!

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