Leopard Sleeve Sweater
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Leopard Sleeve Sweater

When I first saw this sweater, I thought it was so different and cool. It’s literally a leopard sleeve sweater! How cool is it that the leopard print is on the sleeves leading to two leopard heads/faces? I think it’s so unique! It comes in multiple colors and even though it has a ton of good reviews I was still pleasantly surprised how good the quality is of this Amazon sweater.

Leopard Sleeve SweaterLeopard Sleeve Sweater 1Leopard Sleeve Sweater 2Leopard Sleeve Sweater 3Leopard Sleeve Sweater 4Leopard Sleeve Sweater 5Leopard Sleeve Sweater 6Leopard Sleeve Sweater 7Leopard Sleeve Sweater 8Leopard Sleeve Sweater 9Leopard Sleeve Sweater 10Leopard Sleeve Sweater 11Leopard Sleeve Sweater 12Leopard Sleeve Sweater 13Leopard Sleeve Sweater 14Leopard Sleeve Sweater 15

Sweater: Amazon (here) | Jeans: Express | Boots: DSW

I paired the sweater with jeans and taupe booties last weekend. The sweater is so soft and thicker than you’d think, but not too heavy or hot. It feels so smooth and also has some stretch so it’s really comfortable! Another Amazon win. I’m actually going to write a blog post next week about my tips for shopping Amazon fashion. There’s not that many tips, but I figured they’d be worth putting in a blog post in case you are interested!

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