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I’ve written on here a few times before with lists of Hallmark Christmas movies I love and some movies that are great for Valentine’s Day. Well, I’ve been watching Hallmark Mystery Movies for years and I’ve never thought to write a post about them! So I thought it was about time I highlighted some. Over the years, Hallmark has had quite a few mystery movie series – some are still going on with more installments and some have ended. I’ve pretty much seen them all, but there are ones I like way more than others so I’m only highlighting the ones I really like and don’t find either annoying, boring, or just ok.

Magnifying Glass

Here are the ones I like and have liked over the years, in no particular order!

Murder She Baked starred Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison. There were multiple movies in this series, but it wrapped up maybe 2 years ago? Sweeney stars as Hannah, a baker, and Mike, a detective. Hannah has the habit of getting involved in trying to solve local murders even though love interest Mike would prefer she not.

Murder She Baked

I used to love Garage Sale Mystery movies starring Lori Loughlin and it was such a hit that I’m sure they would’ve continued it for years to come (there were several movies) if it weren’t for Loughlin’s legal troubles and Hallmark subsequently cutting ties with her. In the series, Loughlin plays Jennifer, a co-owner of an antique shop. She somehow always stumbles across a murder and then tries to help solve it.

Garage Sale Mystery

Mystery 101 was a new mystery movie series last year and is one of my all-time favorites! It stars Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Paloha. Wagner’s character, Amy, is a college professor of mystery writing and literature and Paloha’s character, Travis, is a detective. As usual, Wagner stumbles across murders and wants to help solve them even though Travis doesn’t want her to. I love this one because Amy is smart and isn’t like some of the other female characters in these movies series that is always doing something dumb. I also love Wagner and Paloha together!

Mystery 101

I really enjoy the Emma Fielding Mystery series and I hope they make more. In this one starring Courtney Thorne-Smith plays archaeologist Emma Fielding and James Tupper plays an FBI agent named Jim. There have been a few movies in this series and usually Emma comes across a murder because of something she dug up or someone trying to steal an artifact etc.

Emma Fielding Mystery

Another movie series that I don’t know if they’re bringing back is the Fixer Upper Mystery series. There were 3 movies of this and I think the last one aired in early 2019. It starred Jewel as Shannon, a contractor, and Colin Ferguson – I think he was a crime reporter? Or a writer of some sort. Anyway, the murders in these movies usually tie in to some construction work that Shannon is doing.

Fixer Upper Mystery

So Murder She Baked came to an end and Alison Sweeney now stars in Chronicle Mysteries, which I hope continues! This one started in 2018 I want to say and there have been 4 I think. Sweeney stars as Alex, a podcaster who investigates crimes and cold cases. She also helps to run a newspaper after her uncle retires. Benjamin Ayres’ character, Drew, is a reporter for the newspaper. Together they help to solve crimes as Alex records about them for her podcast. I really like this series.

Chronicle Mysteries

There have been a lot of movies in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series. Candace Camerone-Bure stars as librarian Aurora Teagarden who always has a knack for coming across murders. She also runs her town’s “Real Murders Club”. I have this on here just because there have been so many and I am a sucker for them, however it’s not my favorite. Bure’s character can get annoying, but the series is usually pretty interesting and doesn’t bore me like some of the others.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery is new with just 2 movies so far, the second of which is airing tonight. But so far, I really like it. Jesse Metcalfe stars as a retired detective (early retirement due to an injury) and childhood friend Zee, played by Sarah Lind, a doctor. She also happens to be the only doctor on the island with autopsy experience so of course she gets pulled in the murder mysteries.

A Martha's Vineyard Mystery

As mentioned before, there are more mystery movies series but I either think they’re a little slow/boring, the characters are too annoying, or I haven’t made up my mind about them yet. The ones I listed are the ones I really like and Mystery 101 is probably my most favorite!

Do you watch any of the Hallmark Mysteries?

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