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Hallmark Top 10 Christmas Movies 2019

If you’ve been following me for at least a year then you know I pretty much watch every Hallmark Channel movie. I know that they are really predictable, but I still love them. It’s a guilty pleasure! But, I do have to say that they have really elevated their material this holiday season with some deeper storylines and they’re not all saccharine sweet anymore. I watched almost all of the Hallmark holiday movies this year, but fell behind this past week so I missed the last few (although I do have them saved on my DVR to watch sometime next week when I have time). Nonetheless, I feel like since I saw the bulk of them – and there were like 40 of them – I can pretty confidently give my top 10 list.

There’s nothing more comfy cozy than wearing cozy loungewear with a hot drink watching a movie.

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Tee: United Monogram | Leggings: American Eagle | Mug: Etsy

Before I get in to my favorite movies this season, how cute is this casual outfit I wore Christmas day? I love the flamingo wearing Christmas lights and my Christmas leggings are a few years old but will never get old with me! I love the knit material and the Christmas graphics on it are so cute. Of course, I had to use my Hallmark movie mug when talking about Hallmark movies!

In no particular order here are the 10 movies I really loved on the channel this holiday season! 

  1. Christmas in Rome –  This Lacey Chabert & Sam Page Christmas movie features Chabert’s character living in Rome as a tour guide. Page’s character is in Rome for a business trip trying to procure a business. Chabert becomes his personal tour guide to show him the real Rome and get him to connect with the Roman way of doing business.
  2. Picture a Perfect Christmas – Merritt Patterson stars in this with Jon Cor. Merritt is a travel photographer and she goes back home to her grandma’s house to help her out after she gets injured. Of course, she strikes up a friendship/relationship with her grandma’s neighbor, Jon Cor’s character, who is the guardian of his young nephew.
  3. Write Before Christmas – This movie stars Torrey Devitto and Chad Michael Murray. Devitto’s character buys 5 (I think it’s 5) Christmas cards to send her boyfriend each day leading up to Christmas. Then, he breaks up with her. Instead of throwing out the cards, she decides to send them to people in her life that meant or mean a lot to her. One of the cards gets sent to her childhood music teacher. Coincidentally, her former music teacher is out of the country and her son gets the card. Over time they become really close and sparks fly. This movie is pretty ambitious with multiple storylines and they did a good job with it. There is the main storyline and then also side storylines featuring Devitto’s aunt and her neighbor and Devitto’s brother who is stationed overseas and a female soldier.
  4. Sense, Sensibility, & Snowmen – Erin Krakow and Luke Macfarlane star in this holiday movie. Erin and her sister run a party planning company and Luke runs his family’s toy company. When he needs to throw a Christmas party last minute to impress some perspective clients, he turns to Erin and her sister to pull it off.
  5. Christmas Love Story – This movie starring Kristin Chenowith and Scott Wolf is definitely more grown up. Kristin runs a community choir and Scott’s teenage son decides to join. I loved the storyline of this one and I thought it was surprising for a Hallmark movie to feature a character who is divorced and also reveal that she had given up a baby for adoption when she was younger. It was a good movie and a breath of fresh air.
  6. Holiday Date – This was one of two movies this season that incorporated Hanukkah. In this movie, Brittany Bristow’s character, is about to head home for the holidays. Her parents are expecting her to bring her boyfriend Ethan. However, Ethan broke up with her right before the holidays. Not wanting to go home alone again, Matt Cohen’s character, an actor with mutual friends needs to experience life in a small town for a role. He pretends to be her boyfriend to help them both out. Oh yeah, and he’s Jewish and doesn’t know any of her family’s Christmas traditions!
  7. A Cheerful Christmas – This movie has two newcomers to the channel. A wealthy guy’s family hires two women to decorate their home for Christmas. They run a Christmas company that does everything from decorating to recreating Christmas memories etc. The main girl is a little over the top with Christmas and her upbeat personality, which at first I thought would be annoying, but it actually didn’t bother me. Of course, she is all about holiday cheer and he can’t be bothered, but she softens him and makes him step back and enjoy the season.
  8. Christmas in Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday – There was a Christmas in Angel Falls movie a few years ago which was okay, not one of my favorites. However, I did really like this new movie. In both movies, there is an angel that helps things along, however in the first movie the angel was one of the main characters and falls in love with someone. In this movie the angel just guides people along. Jen Lilley’s character and her parents own a small town publishing company. Her childhood friend and sometimes rival played by Carlos Marks works for a big publishing company in the city, but is back in town to take care of some family matters. They come back together and realize they may have been wrong about each other.
  9. Double Holiday – I really loved this movie. This was the second movie of the season to incorporate Hanukkah. Carly Pope’s character and Kristoffer Polaha’s character are up for the same promotion at their property development firm. Their boss tasks them with planning the company Christmas party to impress a potential new account. Pope’s character really wants this job so she is determined to try to plan it without Polaha’s help, however she is Jewish and doesn’t know much about Christmas. Case in point, when picking out Christmas trees she thought Polaha’s character had named the tree “Douglass Fir”. But, the movie doesn’t just mention that she is jewish, they actually show her celebrating Hanukkah each night with her family and Polaha joins in on the festivities as well. So she learns about Christmas and he learns about Hanukkah. In the end they realize they work better together than against each other.
  10. Christmas on My Mind – Another really great movie. Ashley Green’s character falls and hits her head and loses her memory of the past 2 years. When she gets up after falling she thinks she is still engaged to her ex-fiance. She needs to figure out what happened over the past 2 years and what could have made her and her ex (Andrew Walker) break up.

I really liked all of these movies and loved a few of them a lot. They are all movies that I would watch again, no problem. As I mentioned above, there are a few that I missed or didn’t get a chance to watch before I left for my mini vacation and of those few it’s possible I will love one or more of them. But, for now these are my top 10.

Did you catch any Hallmark Christmas movies this year?

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  • TheMakeupCase17

    Only one I watched was Christmas at Dollywood. Mainly I wanted to see how accurately they portrayed the park & the town of Pigeon Forge. And to see Dolly. They actually filmed some in the park but Pigeon Forge is a HUGE tourist trap of tacky/kitschy attractions/dining/shopping & was shown as a quaint little town. 🙄😂

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