All Lined Up - Gel Strips

“All Lined Up” Gel Strips

I like having pretty nails but I don’t have the time, nor do I want to spend the money, to get my nails regularly done at the nail salon. I’m pretty good at painting my nails and in the past I have dabbled with nail pens to draw designs as well as Flash Tattoo nail stickers. I’ve used press-on nails a few times and although I find them easy to apply and so fun, I’m always afraid they’ll pop off. I will still use them occasionally though, especially since I have 1 or 2 sets left! But, today I’m talking about these gel strips from Dashing Diva. They are just like the nail effects that Sally Hansen used to make. They’re nail polish, or in this case gel, stickers for your nails!

All Lined Up - Gel StripsAll Lined Up - Gel Strips 1

I love these because they look so fancy and have such cool designs and literally just stick on to your own nail. There’s no fake nail being glued on to your nail, so there’s no fear of the nails falling off or popping off or having issues taking your contacts out etc. The strips just stick to your nails and then you fold over the excess and file it off so the gel strip fits exactly to your nail. They’re basically fool proof!

This set is called “All Lined Up”and features grey polish with gold accents. Some of the strips have a solid gold line, others have a clear base with criss cross gold lines. Then there are ones that have a crystalline design with white, grey, and gold. Lastly, a few are grey with gold geometric shapes with little 3D white dots.

All Lined Up - Gel Strips 2All Lined Up - Gel Strips 3All Lined Up - Gel Strips 4All Lined Up - Gel Strips 5All Lined Up - Gel Strips 6

So pretty, right? I love how easy they are to apply and how much more comfortable they are compared to other options. Plus, they’re really affordable too! I need to get my hands (or fingers ha) on more!

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