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Ways To Make Your Blog Content More Exciting

It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut with your blog. With so many other great blogs out there, it’s normal to feel pressure to come up with great content and make your blog stand out. Your blog should be your creative outlet, and by looking for ways to jazz up your content and make it stand out, you can fall back in love with content creation and really make a go of your blog.


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Check out some of the ways to make your blog content more exciting and take your blog to the next level.

Host a Q&A

Finding ideas for content isn’t always easy, so why not ask your readers to help you out? Blogger Q&As can make a fun read and can be as broad or as niche as you like. Invite your readers to ask questions and then compile a blog post based on your answers. You can write Q&As as a regular part of your blogging schedule as an easy way to find great content.

Take better blog photos

Photos are one of the easiest ways to bring your blog content to life, but are you making as much effort with them as you could be? Photo challenges can help you unleash your creative side and give you some excellent content that also lends itself well to Instagram and Twitter.

Improving your blog photos takes practice and patience. You can improve your blog photography by making sure you always shoot with good light – especially natural light and perhaps invest in a better quality camera too. The tools you use to edit your photos can also make a big difference, so download some photo editing apps to your phone and computer and experiment with different settings to improve your photos.

Get creative with video

Adding video to your blog is a fantastic way to break up the written content and provide readers with some lovely visuals – especially for fashion, beauty, travel content, and recipes. There are different things you can do such as compile a timelapse, some scene-setting shots and more – you don’t even have to be on camera yourself if you don’t want to. Even if you’re not great at editing, there are plenty of excellent tools out there to help make it as simple as possible.

Make cool graphics and infographics

While the writing involved in creating a blog post is important, having too much text on a page can be off-putting to a reader, especially longer blog posts. Breaking up text with graphics and infographics can make your content easier to read, and it also gives you some great assets to use with Pinterest to grow your readership. Don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer – there are some excellent free graphic design tools like Canva to make it easy. Once you start creating graphics you’ll be able to do more with your content, including making logos and blog headers to really help your content shine.

Creating blog posts take time, but it’s a labor of love worth doing for the end result. Brainstorm some ideas for making your blog content more exciting and re-discover your love of blogging once more.

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