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February 2022 Favorites

February is already over and I can’t believe it. February felt like a whirlwind with so much going on, nonstop, but hopefully March will be a little calmer.

I have a few favorites for the month to share. First up, the first of the month was Lunar New Year and it’s customary to have fresh flowers in the house. I loved this bouquet I got from my local supermarket. It was so pretty and it lasted for almost 3 weeks!

Next, the Winter Olympics were this month and while I’m usually super into them, I wasn’t as into them this year. Maybe it’s because the summer olympics were just last year so it was less exciting since the wait wasn’t very long. There also just wasn’t a ton of excitement around them this year for various reasons. Anyway, I still did watch some of the events like snowboarding, some of the skiing, figure skating, etc. Loved Nathan Chen’s performance and his gold medal win. Lindsey Jacobellis and Nick Baumgartner winning the first mixed team snowboard cross event made me emotional. Each of their qualifying races was anxiety inducing and the final was so exciting. This Olympics saw Jacobellis’ get her first gold medal so this mixed team snowboard cross gave her her second and it was Baumgartner’s first gold in his 3 or 4 olympic career. They were also the oldest competitors so that made me even more emotional.

I’ve been in an Oreo mood lately and been buying them for entirely too much money from students at school when they sell for their little fundraisers. So I bought a pack at the supermarket and they were the Confetti Oreos. Not only do they have confetti cream inside but also sparkles on the cookies!

Have you seen the super adorable videos of this 4 year old girl snowboarding with her dad? It became a viral sensation. I saw the video on Sunday Today and immediately began following the account on Instagram. The account, Chasing Sage, is run by the parents (mostly the dad) of 2 young kids and they document all of their outdoor adventures. Snowboarding, biking, etc. Their videos will be some of the best things you’ll see on the Internet!

Lastly, a book stack of some February reads. I’ve been trying to make my account more bookish and when I saw that my stack of recent books I’ve been reading looked pretty together with my tulips and plants in the background in complimentary colors I had to take a snap. The Hating Game is definitely my fav read of the month and Fish Heads and Duck Skin was up there too. My review for Fish Heads and Duck Skin can be found here and I’m going to post one for The Hating Game later this week!

What are some things you loved in February?

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