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Hallmark Movies for Valentine’s Day

As most of you know if you’ve been following me for a while, I love Hallmark movies. No matter how predictable they are, I truly enjoy watching them. Of course, some are much better than others. I shared some Christmas picks back in December that I love enough to watch multiple times. I thought today I’d share 5 Valentine themed Hallmark movies or just love story movies that aren’t necessarily Valentine but would still be good for the holiday. The two I’m sharing that aren’t Valentine specific are a few years old and so might not get as much attention or love as the newer ones so I wanted to give them some love!

So here they are in no particular order!

Valentine Ever After

valentine ever after

I love this one! Autumn Reeser’s character, Julia, is a lawyer going on a girls trip with her friend to Wyoming. After a little hiccup with the law, they get community service at a local ranch. The ranch isn’t doing so well and Julia helps the ranch get back on its feet while falling in love with the owner’s son, of course!

My Secret Valentine

my secret valentine

In My Secret Valentine, Lacey Chabert’s character, Chloe, works at her family’s winery. When sales rep, Seth (played by Andrew Walker) shows up trying to buy the winery he stays at a cabin unknowingly owned by Chloe’s family. She comes in to check on the place each day, never seeing the renter, and he never knows who owns the place. They begin leaving notes for each other and the rest is history!

A Dash of Love

a dash of love

In A Dash of Love, Jen Lilley plays aspiring chef, Nikki. She gets a job as an assistant (office assistant that is) to a popular chef and restauranteur. At first she clashes with head chef Paul, played by Brendan Penny, but of course they grow close and help each other out and fall in love. She makes a deal with the owner/chef/restauranteur that she can use the kitchen at night when the restaurant is closed to cook. With hopes to open her own place someday she experiments with recipes and comes up with delicious creations. Then, her boss steals her ideas!

Love on the Sidelines

love on the sidelines

This one isn’t a Valentine’s movie but it’s still a good one! Laurel is an aspiring fashion designer who is having a hard time getting her career started. She begins working for a temp agency and gets placed as a personal assistant to an NFL football player. He is temperamental and recently suffered an injury so he’s extra unpleasant at first. But you know what will happen – they will learn to like and then love each other!

Chance at Romance

chance at romance.jpeg

This one is the oldest of the bunch – from 2013 – but one of my favorites! Also not a Valentine’s Day movie but still a good one. Samantha, played by Erin Krakow, works at a cafe but wants to be a chef. She comes across an art show one day and decides to write to the artist telling him she admires his work. They strike up an email relationship and he invites her to come visit him and see his new show. She goes and comes to find out that it was his son communicating with her this whole time trying to set his dad up! Of course, she plans to leave right away when this is revealed but things don’t work out and she’s stuck there for a few days. They get to know one another and soon neither of them want her to leave!

These are just a couple of my favorites! Do you have any favorite Hallmark Valentine or love movies?

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