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Time For An Interior Revamp?

The problem with a lot of homes today is that they all look the same! This is because retail shops tend to stock identical products from the same suppliers. Does your home look like your friend’s house? Or a family member’s house? If so, it is time for an interior revamp!

Your home is the perfect representation of who you are as a person. It is filled with furniture, accessories, patterns, and textures that you have chosen. There is no better way to express your personality and let your creative flair shine than through your choice of interiors. And that’s why it is imperative that you opt for designer interiors when it comes to your home. This is the only way you can show a true statement of your own style and taste.


Whilst high street products may be cheap in cost they lack in originality dramatically. All you need to do is look online or go to your local high street and walk into all the shops selling interior products. You will note that all of these places sell the exact same things. That is because they are likely to have sourced them from the same place in the first place! Therefore, if you buy from one of these stores then you can be certain that your home will look exactly the same as everyone else’s on your street or estate.

If you opt for designer interiors or vintage furniture providers, such as Foxden Decor, then you are benefitting from unique pieces. A lot of designers only sell one-off pieces whilst all others keep theirs in limited stock so that you benefit from exclusive furniture and accessories. Furthermore, quality, innovation, and creation reach their peak when it comes to designer products. Designers aren’t afraid of thinking outside of the box.  They don’t need to appeal to the masses like high street stores do and thus this is why you can perfectly showcase your own unique taste and style.

And it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that whilst designer interiors may be more expensive you get value for money in return. If you buy cheap furniture and home accessories then you are only going to end up spending more money in the long run because you will constantly need to buy replacements due to the poor quality.

Every homeowner has the perfect opportunity to showcase their style and their taste through their choice of interior design. However, if you don’t go down the designer route you will struggle because the choices on offer are otherwise extremely limited and very generic.

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