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Who Said Home Decor Had To Be Impractical?

Often, decor is stylish without being altogether practical. When we’re on the hunt for an interior revamp, most of us just want pieces which look the part. After all, decor is and should be about making things look good. Hence why we reach for ornaments which serve no purpose, or art hangings which don’t do anything. In some cases, we even opt for items which should be practical but are designed in a way that means they aren’t. Many of us invest in chairs no one could sit on, for example. All in the name of decor.

But, what if we were to tell you that it’s possible to get style right without compromising on practicality? In truth, there is a way to get your home looking its best, without filling it with stuff you can’t use. It sounds like the best of both worlds, but you’ll find out how if you keep reading.


Ornaments which serve a purpose

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The very heading of this section sounds like an oxymoron. Ornaments, by their very nature, don’t serve any purpose other than to look good. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. After all, impractical items like these are the first thing Marie Kondo would pick on. How much joy do they bring you? Luckily, you can save these by looking for ornaments which serve practical purposes. Most often, you’ll find that you can invest in ornaments which double up as storage. Looking out for items with removable lids could take you far. Options like ornamental suitcases could also serve this purpose while looking fantastic. If storage doesn’t suit, you could always opt for something like stylish bookends. These could hold things together, and look fabulous while doing so.


Ceiling decor which doesn’t just look good


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Hanging things from the ceiling has become popular as the chintzy decor style has come to the fore. We love nothing more than a piece of bunting, or some dangling baubles. But, again, neither of these have any real purpose. By comparison, ceiling additions like the fans found at https://www.modernfanoutlet.com/fan-styles/tropical-fans.html could serve you much better. These add that touch of interest to your ceiling, while also helping with temperature control. You could also use attachments like these to dangle those otherwise unnecessary ornaments. Plus, something like this could be the ideal finish to a ‘tropical’ themed decor style.


Paint with purpose
You can’t have decor without paint. This is what holds any interior idea together, and it’s essential in its own right. But, let’s face it; it’s also a passive part of your home decor. Aside from coloring your walls, it doesn’t serve any real practical purpose of note. Unless, of course, you opt to use chalkboard paint. This is ideal for having fun, making lists, and generally getting some use from each wall. Even better, guides like this one at www.mom4real.com mean that you can create any color you fancy. Then, you can rest easy that even your walls always go to good use.

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