Aster Market February 2016
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Aster Market February 2016

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I have a couple of things to get done today before the big game and one of them is to share with you what I got in this month’s Aster Market box! Keep on reading to find out what I got in the second box of 2016.

Aster Market February 2016

First up are these sparkly earrings handmade by Stephanie Holaday. They’re so cute and offer a little bling to the ears. I may wear them today to my Super Bowl outing!

Stephanie Holaday Earrings 1
Stephanie Holaday Earrings

Next, these super cute hand drawn cards by Written for You. There are six cards with adorable lettering and they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day or to give to a loved one just because. I think these will be perfect to mail to some of my friends that live far away throughout the year to just let them know I’m thinking of them. Who doesn’t love snail mail?!

Written For You - Cards
Written For You - Cards1
This glassΒ mug with gold lettering from Rachel Allene is definitely going to get some good use. I love the saying on it, “Throw kindness around like confetti”.Β The only thing better than starting your morning off with a coffee or warm beverage is having a fantastic mug to put it in!

Rachel Allene - Mug

So, funny story about these pencils. You may notice that they’re not in picture below of everything I received this month in the box. That’s because I didn’t know I had them! They slipped under the packing strips/fluff/confetti or whatever it’s called. I didn’t realize there were pencils included in this month’s package until I read the card after I had already put everything away and I said to myself “Pencils??” I went through the box again and lo and behold these pencils were tucked away inside! These pencils from Taylor Elliot Designs have a sweet message on each one that read “Dream big, darling”. Something definitely worth remembering!Β I love the color of the pencils and the message is so charming that I’m almost afraid to use them because that means I’ll eventually have to sharpen them and then they’ll be gone!

Taylor Elliot Designs - Pencils
Dream Big, Darling Pencils
Aster Market February 2016 1
Aster Market February 2016 2

If I had noticed that the pencils were missing (from my knowledge and subsequently this picture above) at the actual time this picture was taken and not a few days later then I would’ve taken a new picture. So just imagine the pencils are there πŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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